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April 8, 2024
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Top Apps for Microsoft Teams Suggestion Box

This blog is for you…

If your Microsoft Teams feels like only some people talk and ideas don't reach the ones who can make changes.


If you want to help everyone in your team talk more openly but aren't sure how to begin.


If you think getting everyone's ideas together is good but haven't found the best way to do it yet.

In every team, there are many good ideas that are not heard, which could really help improve work, culture, and results.

I am like you, always looking for ways to bring out these ideas.

That's why using a suggestion box in Microsoft Teams is a great idea. It changes how we think about sharing thoughts and feedback in teams.

It's not just about having another way to talk. It's about making sure every person in your team can share their ideas, big or small, maybe even without saying who they are, about everything from what leaders do to changing rules.

Here's why this blog is different:

I will show you everything about using suggestion boxes in Microsoft Teams, from why they are important for open and creative team culture to how to make private or group places for sharing thoughts safely.

🌟 We'll look closely at how these suggestion boxes work, including easy steps to make a place where team members can share feedback without saying who they are.

🌟 Then, we'll talk about the best suggestion box tools for Microsoft Teams, like Wrenly.Ai and We'll compare what they offer, how much they cost, and how they fit into your team's daily work.

🌟 By the end of this blog, you'll know which suggestion box tool is best for your team, whether it's Wrenly's detailed analysis or Polly's fun surveys.

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If you skip this blog, you might miss a chance to improve your team. It's about listening to everyone and truly making a team where everyone's voice matters. Let's see how making sharing ideas a big part of your team can lead to success.

What is Microsoft Teams Suggestion Box?

Microsoft Teams suggestion boxes are tools that can be used to collect feedback and ideas from team members within Microsoft Teams.

Users can submit ideas anonymously or openly without worrying about getting judged, which encourages participation. It's like dropping a note in a box, but digitally.

The apps often come with features to categorize and prioritize suggestions. It's like having a personal assistant to organize feedback.

These boxes make it easier for everyone to have a voice. It's like gathering around a digital campfire, sharing stories and ideas.

- Feedback is visible to all team members, promoting transparency and inclusivity. It feels like we're all part of a big brainstorming session.

- Some apps even allow voting on suggestions, turning feedback into a democratic process. It's like having a say in the team's direction.

Suggestion box symbolizes the evolution of workplace communication. They bridge gaps and bring us closer, even if we're miles apart.

It’s not just about collecting ideas; they're about building a culture of collaboration. 

But do you really need a suggestion box? Below are the use cases of a suggestion box that makes it clear what to expect from a suggestion box. 

Why even bother about Teams Suggestion Box

Understanding if you need this tool can be a bit complex. It really depends on what you specifically need it for and what your company is like.

At Wrenly, we uphold the values of equality of opinion, honesty, and empowerment for all. In this light, anonymous feedback emerges as a potent tool to "Upgrade Your Feedback Culture" – our signature catchphrase, if you will.

Encouraging sincere feedback from your team underscores your commitment to valuing their contributions, regardless of differing perspectives. It fosters an environment where ideas are prized over conformity, instilling a sense of trust and appreciation.

Moreover, embracing anonymity lowers barriers for reserved or introverted team members.

Consider this: even the most brilliant ideas may remain unspoken if shyness prevails. 

Anonymity grants a voice without inhibition, amplifying participation and promoting inclusivity.

Here are the use cases of the suggestion box:

Private Leadership Feedback:

  - Enabling Honest Dialogue: Employees can share candid feedback or suggestions with leadership without fear of reprisal.

  - Strategic Insights: Anonymous input aids leadership in making decisions aligned with team perspectives.

Private HR/Policy Feedback:

  - Tailoring HR Approaches: Employees contribute opinions on HR policies and workplace culture.

  - Conflict Resolution Aid: Anonymity fosters early resolution of workplace conflicts and concerns.

Privately Raising Sensitive Topics/Concerns:

  - Safe Reporting Space: An anonymous channel encourages reporting of sensitive issues or unethical behavior.

  - Mental Well-being Discussions: Employees can discuss personal challenges discreetly, accessing support resources.

Public Brainstorming/Ideation:

  - Cultivating Creativity: An open, anonymous forum stimulates diverse and innovative ideas.

  - Inclusive Idea Generation: All team members can participate without apprehension, ensuring varied perspectives.

Public Positive Team Shoutouts:

  - Boosting Morale: Publicly acknowledging team achievements anonymously enhances team spirit.

  - Nurturing Supportive Environment: Encourages a culture where contributions are valued and recognized.

Public Town Hall Questions:

  - Facilitating Open Dialogue: Anonymous queries during meetings enable more candid and direct conversations.

  - Equal Participation Opportunity: Ensures every employee can voice concerns or questions without bias.

Now that we've covered why having a suggestion box is crucial for your team, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. In the next part, we'll break down how these suggestion boxes actually work and show you how to set one up yourself. 

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Here’s how you can create your Anonymous Suggestion Box in Teams in 5 steps 👇

Step 1: Add Wrenly AI to your teams
Steps to create suggestion box in
Steps to create suggestion box in

Step 2: Click on the general channel and click the (+) sign in the chat to create a new suggestion box.
Steps to create suggestion box in

Step 3: Search and click on the icon. Click on the Suggestion box tab to start a new suggestion box.
Steps to create suggestion box in

wrenly suggestion-box
Steps to create suggestion box in

Step 4: Write your anonymous message as shown in the image below. Add the channel where you want it to share.
Steps to create suggestion box in

Here’s the preview of the message
Steps to create suggestion box in

Step 5: Make changes if necessary. Your message is ready to be delivered with an anonymous name as you can see .
Steps to create suggestion box in

Here’s how it will look to the leadership. Team members can reply to the text or can share: anonymous suggestion box

Still confused about how to create one? To understand better, here's a video of me creating a suggestion box.

Therefore, we know how to create a suggestion box. Let’s look at the top Microsoft teams suggestion box apps. 

Top Microsoft Teams Apps for Suggestion Box


Wrenly simplifies the process of understanding and improving company culture, ultimately saving time and resources while boosting employee satisfaction and engagement


  • Suggestion Box: Wrenly's suggestion box feature allows employees to share their ideas and concerns anonymously, promoting open communication and trust. 
  • Instant Feedback: Employees can conveniently share their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions at any time. This ensures leaders are consistently aware of the organization's climate. Leaders can respond privately or publicly, fostering open communication and trust.
  • Anonymous Feedback: This feature allows everyone to share their thoughts or concerns without disclosing their identity. It's particularly advantageous for those who may feel hesitant to share openly, ensuring all voices are heard and valued.
“Easy way to get honest feedback” ~ Brooks E. (Small Business Owner) review on G2
  • Ai & Analytics: Wrenly's AI algorithms analyze employee feedback in real-time, generating a comprehensive report that provides leadership with a clear, actionable overview of their company's cultural well-being.

Real customers have praised Wrenly for its ability to transform anonymous feedback into meaningful, impactful discussions that drive significant business changes. 

Look at what Kelly P. (a small business owner) has to say about Wrenly: review on G2

Wrenly Pricing for Microsoft Teams

wrenly pricing for microsoft teams

Wrenly Pricing Simplified

Free Forever: $0 per month 🚀

  • 3 surveys, 5 feedbacks, and 10 recognitions monthly—a generous kickstart for small teams.
  • Perfect for those aiming to enhance feedback culture without any upfront expenses.

Standard: $4 per user/month (billed annually) 🚀

  • Get all Free features plus unlimited usage.
  • Unlock Wrenly AI Assistant, AI Health Score Report, and Public Feedback Moderation for enhanced team engagement.

Enterprise: Custom quote 🚀

  • Access everything in Standard, along with advanced features.
  • Benefit from Demographic Filters and All Data Exports for thorough analysis.
  • Receive Priority Support, Launch & Rollout Strategy, and a Dedicated Success Manager for seamless operations.

Polly lets teams quickly ask questions and collect answers. It's made to work with platforms many teams already use for daily communication, like Slack and Microsoft Teams. website


  • Suggestion Box: Acting as a digital suggestion box, this feature invites users to ask a question and receive up to 50 creative ideas or solutions from the team. It fosters an environment where everyone feels encouraged to contribute their thoughts and suggestions.
  • Polls & Surveys: With, users can effortlessly create polls and surveys. This feature enables them to quickly gather team opinions or feedback on a variety of topics.
  • Q&A: The Q&A feature allows users to pose up to 101 questions, enabling team members to share knowledge and solutions. It simplifies the process of collective problem-solving, making it accessible for all team members.
  • Workflows: Users can automate different types of tasks with Polly, streamlining repetitive tasks and saving time for more critical work. 
  • Team Building: Offering activities aimed at strengthening team bonds, Polly facilitates better understanding and cooperation among team members. Pricing pricing for MS Teams for Microsoft Teams Pricing Explained

Free Plan: 

  • With only 25 responses per month and a limit of 30 days for results history, this plan is practically useless for any team that needs regular feedback. You'll quickly run out of responses and lose access to your data. 

Standard Plan:

  • At $49 per month for just 500 responses, this plan is overpriced. That works out to nearly $0.10 per response, which is a steep price to pay for basic features like unlimited results history and sending by chat message.
  • You can find more affordable options that offer similar or better features.

Pro Plan: 

  • While this plan offers more responses (2,500 per month), you have to commit to a 12-month subscription at $24 per month. That's a total of $288 per year, which is a significant investment for most teams.
  • Plus, there's no guarantee that you'll actually need or use all those responses every month.

Enterprise Plan: 

  • This plan offers "unlimited" responses and advanced features like custom data retention and audit logs, but at what cost? The pricing is custom, which can be expensive. 


Overall,'s pricing plans are not transparent, flexible, or affordable for most teams. 

The free plan is too limited to be useful, while the paid plans are overpriced and require long-term commitments. You can likely find better value for your money with other polly alternatives that offer more transparent pricing and flexible plans.

What to choose? Wrenly or Polly?

👉 Wrenly offers a comprehensive suite of features, while Polly focuses on basic surveys and public suggestion boxes.

👉 Wrenly has advanced AI capabilities, while Polly does not offer any AI features.

👉 Wrenly offers an automated points & rewards system, while Polly does not have this feature.

👉 Wrenly provides both public and private suggestion boxes, while Polly only offers public suggestion boxes.

👉 Wrenly is designed for leadership and people teams seeking a comprehensive solution, while Polly is suitable for teams with basic needs.

👉 Polly is slightly more affordable, but Wrenly offers more features and value for the extra cost.






Surveys, public suggestion boxes, standups

Surveys, suggestion boxes (public & private), recognitions, rewards, celebrations, whistleblower portal



$4/user/month, 25% annual discount

$5/user/month, 20% annual discount 


Target Audience

Teams primarily needing surveys and public suggestion boxes

Leadership or people teams seeking a comprehensive employee engagement platform


AI Capabilities

No AI features

Advanced AI for moderation, reports, themes, and more


Recognitions & Rewards

Not offered

Automated points & rewards system


Suggestion Boxes

Public only

Both public and private



Slightly cheaper

Slightly pricier, but more features



If you're still on the fence about which tool to integrate into your workflow, let me guide you through a concise summary:

  • Wrenly.Ai: Stands out for its user-friendly setup and competitive pricing structure, tailor-made for Microsoft Teams. Its versatility in capturing feedback makes it a top contender for HR managers, people's teams, and leaders seeking efficient and private feedback mechanisms.
  • While offering robust features, its pricing and customization options may not fit all budgets or specific team needs as seamlessly as Wrenly does.

Choosing between Wrenly and Polly? Here’s why Wrenly might just be the tool your team needs:

  • stands out with its user-friendly interface, making it easy for everyone in your team to jump right in and start contributing. Its ability to facilitate both private and public feedback encourages open and constructive communication across all levels of your organization.

As we wrap up, consider suggestion boxes not just as a tool, but as a partner in enhancing team collaboration and innovation. 

Its value proposition, focusing on simplicity, inclusivity, and efficiency, makes it a compelling choice for those looking to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

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