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July 19, 2024
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25 Fun Suggestion Box Ideas To Use in 2024

Receiving feedback and suggestions from your employees is crucial for the growth and success of your company. However, sometimes, it can be difficult to encourage your employees to share their ideas and opinions. 

That’s where a suggestion box comes in handy! 

But why settle for a boring old box when you can spice things up with these fun suggestion box ideas? Not only will they make your employees excited to share their thoughts, but they’ll also add a dash of creativity and humor to your workplace culture. 

How Can Suggestion Box Ideas Help Your Organization? 

Suggestion box activities can be essential for any company. Here are some reasons: 

  • Improves communication – Suggestion boxes can help strengthen communication between the management and employees. Your employees may feel more comfortable sharing their concerns and thoughts anonymously. 
  • Resolve concerns easily – A suggestion box can help determine concerns within the company before they become major concerns. That can save resources and time in the end. 

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  • Supports innovation – A suggestion box can also be a perfect way to promote innovation within the organization. Employees may develop innovative ideas that could help the company grow and succeed. 
  • Offer insight into company operations – Did you know that the suggestions received through a suggestion box can offer valuable insight into how your company operates and what can be improved? 
  • Encourage employee engagement – Ultimately, setting up a suggestion box shows your employees that their ideas and opinions matter. In turn, it can improve morale and boost employee engagement. 

25 Suggestion Box Ideas to Build a More Positive and Supportive Work Environment

Now that you realize the benefits of having suggestion box activities, let’s proceed to the 25 fun suggestion box activities you can try. We also provide tips to help you ensure its effectiveness. 

1. Employee Feedback Surveys

You can use employee feedback surveys to collect suggestions for improving the suggestion box system. That demonstrates that the company is dedicated to continuous improvement and supports ongoing participation. 

  • Ask questions to collect actionable insights.
  • Ensure anonymity where appropriate.
  • Follow up with a clear plan of action based on survey results. 

2. Public Display 

Displaying the best suggestions publicly can highlight the value of the suggestion box system and support transparency within the organization. 

  • Create clear guidelines around which suggestions will be displayed.
  • Ensure the display area is accessible and visible to all employees.
  • Regularly rotate the displayed suggestions to keep them fresh. 

3. Gamification 

Implementing gamification elements, like badges or leaderboards, can make the suggestion box more engaging and boost participation rates. 

  • Provide clear rules for how to earn rewards.
  • Make a level playing field that’s accessible to everybody.
  • Avoid making negative competition.

4. Interdepartmental Collaboration 

Motivating employees from various departments to collaborate on suggestions could foster cross-functional communication and break down silos within the company. 

  • Communicate how interdepartmental collaboration must work.
  • Offer guidelines around acceptable behaviors.
  • Communicate methods and recognize successful collaborations. 

5. Suggestion Box Software 

Using specialized software to handle suggestion submissions and track progress can simplify the submission process and enhance staff engagement. 

  • Select user-friendly software that’s easy to navigate.
  • Test the system carefully before implementation.
  • Offer continuous support to employees who use it. 

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6. Company-wide Newsletter 

Using the company newsletter to advertise the suggestion box and showcase notable submissions can raise awareness of the system and motivate ongoing participation. 

  • Add a regular section on the newsletter’s suggestion box.
  • Showcase success stories and feedback from staff members.
  • Communicate how the system has influenced company culture and performance. 

7. Suggestion Box Ambassadors

Appointing suggestion box ambassadors to promote the system and motivate participation can establish a community around the suggestion box and boost usage rates.

  • Appoint employees who are passionate about the suggestion box system.
  • Offer clear expectations and responsibilities.
  • Recognize the ambassadors’ contributions. 

8. Peer Recognition 

Allowing employees to recognize their peers for valuable suggestions through a peer recognition program can build a sense of community and strengthen motivation among staff members.

  • Make clear guidelines outlining the types of contributions or behavior eligible for recognition. 
  • Create a transparent and fair process for choosing recipients. 
  • Communicate the benefits of the program to all employees.

9. Department-Specific Suggestions 

Encouraging submissions related to particular departments can support accountability, foster a sense of ownership among employees, and enhance communication. 

  • Set clear guidelines on how department-specific submissions must be communicated, monitored, and acted upon. 

10. Upskilling Opportunities 

Using the suggestion box system to determine training needs and upskilling opportunities for employees can retain talented staff members and support ongoing professional development. 

  • Prioritize the most impactful training opportunities identified.
  • Offer resources like online courses, training materials, or coaching sessions. 

11. Mobile Accessibility 

Giving mobile access to the suggestion box system can improve employees’ ease of use and convenience. 

  • Test how the system works across various devices and environments.
  • Offer employee support and guidance on how to effectively use the system. 

12. Executive Involvement 

Encouraging executives to review and respond to suggestions submitted through the suggestion box can boost employee engagement, enhance collaboration between departments, and establish a sense of ownership across all organizational levels. 

  • Set clear guidelines on their responsibilities. 
  • Support consistent feedback or responses.
  • Offer training when needed. 

13. Suggestion Box Training 

Offering employees training on efficiently using the suggestion box system can support participation and increase the submission’s quality. 

  • Offer practical guidance, including samples of good and bad submissions.
  • Provide support materials like tools and templates to help staff structure their suggestions more efficiently. 

14. Feedback Loop 

Offering feedback to employees on why their suggestions were rejected or accepted creates a sense of ownership and value and motivates participation. 

  • Managers must continue to communicate what has been implemented or what was rejected and why. 
  • That can demonstrate that the company takes suggestions seriously and values every employee’s contribution. 

15. Open-Door Policy 

Motivating employees to bring their ideas straight to the management if they do not feel comfortable using the suggestion box can support trust and transparency levels within the company.

  • Set clear guidelines on how to escalate concerns.
  • Maintain confidentiality where needed.
  • Guarantee that managers respond to every concern received in a timely way. 

16. Integration with Performance Evaluations

Adding participation in the suggestion box system as part of employee performance evaluations can support the consistent use of the system. Nonetheless, it’s essential to prevent making this a mandatory requirement.

That’s because employees may begin submitting irrelevant ideas to satisfy the requirement.

  • Offer positive incentives.
  • Emphasize the importance of contributing ideas to the organization’s success. 

17. Follow-Up Meetings 

Regular follow-up meetings can build transparency and trust between management and employees. 

  • Set up one-on-one discussions or group meetings to offer feedback and discuss progress on submitted submissions.
  • Prioritize the most impactful suggestions during those meetings. 

18. Commenting System 

Allowing comments can build a collaborative environment and allow employees to build on others’ ideas. 

  • Set clear guidelines around acceptable comments and communication behaviors.
  • Monitor for any negative or abusive language. 

19. Reward System 

Incentives like monetary rewards or public recognition can encourage employees to submit their best ideas. 

  • Set clear guidelines on how reward systems work to help guarantee those incentives are transparent and fair. 
  • Avoid negative consequences for employees who don’t participate, as this can lessen collaboration and motivation. 

20. Anonymous Submissions

Giving anonymity can boost employee participation and support more honest feedback. Nonetheless, while this can create a safe space for sharing ideas, it can also result in unproductive or inappropriate feedback. 

  • Effective strategies must have a clear policy or acceptable language and behavior.
  • Ensure anonymous feedback channels are monitored.
  • Offer appropriate means for escalation if feedback contains serious grievances or allegations. 

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21. Employee Recognition 

Recognizing employees for their valued contributions shows appreciation and can enhance employee engagement. 

  • Create clear guidelines for acknowledging employees and consistently applying them across the company.
  • Public recognition must be delivered sensitively, considering that some employees prefer private acknowledgment while others do not. 

22. Theme-Based Suggestions 

Choosing theme-based suggestions allows organizations to align submissions to particular goals and challenges. A successful strategy is to select themes with the company’s current challenges or priorities. 

  • Ensure themes are communicated to staff.
  • Ensure themes are flexible as the company changes. 
  • Focus on feedback channels around which themes received the most contributions. 

23. Idea Generation Sessions 

Idea generation sessions can efficiently generate fresh ideas and support participation across different departments. 

  • Set clear objectives for the session.
  • Give a structured environment for brainstorming. 
  • Motivate everyone to contribute their ideas.
  • Managers must follow up on the ideas generated and tell employees what was implemented or why an idea was not taken forward. 

24. Long-term Goal Setting 

Using the suggestion box to determine long-term goals and ways to accomplish them can help to align submissions with the company’s strategic plan and support a culture of continuous improvement. 

  • Prioritize the most achievable and impactful goals.
  • Regularly review progress towards those goals.
  • Communicate successes and challenges to staff members.

25. Continuous Improvement 

Continuously assessing and improving the suggestion box system can guarantee its effectiveness and relevance over time. 

  • Regularly assess feedback and usage rates.
  • Test new strategies and features.
  • Communicate changes or updates to employees timely. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Remember that suggestion boxes can be powerful tools for unlocking your team’s potential and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. Implementing these engaging and creative ideas can encourage your employees to contribute their ideas and thoughts in a fun and meaningful way. 

Whether through social activities, incentives, or games, the key is to make the entire process rewarding and enjoyable for everybody involved. Also, listen to the team’s suggestions and incorporate their feedback into your business strategy. That will help you make a more successful and productive organization that values every member’s output. 

Start thinking outside the box and try some fun suggestion box ideas today! 

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