Build stronger, happier &
closer teams with recognition

66% of employees leave due a lack of appreciation.
Wrenly goes beyond simple shoutouts to create special moments for every employee.

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Why you need a
peer recognition platform


It drives engagement

Employees who receive regular recognition are 37% less likely to leave


It boosts productivity

When people feel their work is appreciated, they’re more engaged and productive

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It strengthens  bonds

Employees who receive recognition, release the hormone Oxytocin. It makes humans more friendly.

In Slack & MS Teams

creates habits

Keeping it in Slack and Microsoft Teams guarantees better adoption, more eyeballs and reactions from the team!

Survey Recognition
AI Summary

Spruce up your
company meetings

Your AI HR Assistant will summarize recognitions and write feel good inspirational messages
Company execs use summaries to shout out colleagues during all-hands calls!

Discover your
company superstars

Get insight into which employee is trending
Users can use points to redeem rewards
Leaderboard Recognition

Custom rewards made for your employees

Design rewards that truly resonate with your team. Be it extra days off, curated local adventures, or an intimate lunch with the CEO. Your imagination is the only limit!

Take your employee experience to new heights. Today!

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