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Amplify your team's voice

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Boost participation

More people want to speak up when they can be anonymous, and in Slack!

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Elevate company meetings

Make all company meetings more interactive and inclusive

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Make teams feel heard

Dig deeper and respond to feedback to make the team feel heard!


💪 Empower your
team to speak up

A safe space
with Slack Suggestion Box
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👂 Make your team
feel heard

Listen and respond to feedback
Get more context, suggest ideas, close the loop!

🎙️ Host better
Q&A sessions

Collect questions live or in advance
Moderate and steer away from irrelevant questions
Let everyone upvote on topics that matter to them!
Learn and address the most in demand questions
Host leaderboard
Host better
trending themes

Insights & actions
without leaving Slack

Identify trending feedback themes
Let your AI HR assistant share tailored action plans

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