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Some anonymous Slack channel use cases

Smiling square cards
In the moment feedback
Let your team share their honest feedback immediately when they think of it.
HR Zoom call
Direct line to HR
Allow your team to voice sensitive concerns and share policy feedback.
Zoom meeting
Make meetings more lively
Avoid hearing crickets during meetings. Increase your questions and engagement.

How Wrenly creates an anonymous Slack channel

You might think it's hard to create an anonymous channel because it's not a built-in feature in Slack. Good guess, but you're wrong, it's quite easy!

Just add the Wrenly bot to your workspace in 2 clicks, launch your suggestion box, and it will automatically create the channel for you!

By default, the anonymous Slack channel Wrenly creates is for private feedback for leadership. A simplified GIF can show you how it works better than I ever could:

Anytime anonymous feedback in Slack

Anonymous Slack Channel Use Cases

The versatility of an anonymous Slack channel makes it a powerful tool for various organizational needs. Here are some expanded use cases:

Private Leadership Feedback

Private HR/Policy Feedback

Privately Raising Sensitive Topics/Concerns

Public Brainstorming/Ideation

Public Positive Team Shoutouts

Public Town Hall Questions

Anonymous Slack channel use Cases

How to share the anonymous feedback publicly (with moderation)

So you installed the amazing Wrenly bot and you and your team love the private leadership channel, awesome! Now you're looking to take things to the next level. You wonder how you can share some of the feedback publicly so your wider team can vote and comment.

Well I guess it's your lucky day because we've already equipped Wrenly with this feature, just click the "Share" button under the feedback and select the public channel, it's that easy!

Why your team needs an anonymous Slack channel

This is a complicated one as the reasons your team need this channel depends on your use case and company culture. At Wrenly we believe in equality of opinion, safety in honesty, and empowering everyone. This means that anonymous feedback can be used as a super power to “Upgrade Your Feedback Culture” ← that’s our catch-phrase, btw.

When you allow your team to give you feedback honestly it shows them you care about their ideas, not about punishing them when they disagree with the way things are done. Also, it reduces the barrier for reserved/shy employees. Think about it, you could have the best idea in the world but if you’re just quiet by nature you may keep it to yourself. If you can share your message anonymously it removes all of the fear and let’s you speak your mind.

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