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Wrenly's Recognition Board is a Kudoboard free alternative
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Wrenly's Recognition Board is a Kudoboard free alternative
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Great for promotions, new babies, and farewells!
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Instant collaboration with an easy link
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Wrenly is used by 150,000+ team members globally

Great for all kinds of celebrations!

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Parental Leave
Parental leave

Build a free recognition board to create priceless smiles

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wrenly's Recognition Board, and how does it serve as a Kudoboard alternative?

Wrenly's Recognition Board offers a platform similar to Kudoboard, designed for creating digital recognition boards. It's marketed as a free alternative, suggesting no cost for basic features, making it accessible for teams to celebrate milestones. 

How can team members collaborate instantly using Wrenly's Recognition Board?

Instant collaboration is facilitated through an easy-to-share link, allowing team members to contribute to recognition boards without complex setup or registration processes, enhancing the user experience for quick and spontaneous celebrations.

For what occasions is Wrenly's Recognition Board ideal?

Ideal occasions include a wide range of personal and professional milestones such as promotions, welcoming new babies, farewells, as well as celebrating anniversaries, retirements, birthdays, onboarding new employees, and parental leave, among others.

Can you list the types of celebrations Wrenly's Recognition Board is used for, and how does it enhance these occasions?

Types of celebrations mentioned imply Wrenly's flexibility and suitability for diverse events, from work anniversaries and retirements to personal milestones like birthdays and parental leave, underlining the platform's versatility in creating memorable and supportive experiences.

Is there any cost associated with creating multiple Recognition Boards?

No, you may create as many recognition boards as you'd like all with no charge.

*Wrenly AI is built by Incognito Apps Inc. and is not affiliated with KUDOBOARD
KUDOBOARD is a registered trademark of Kudoboard, Inc.