About Us

Incognito Apps started as an internal tool built by Matt and Ali as co-workers at a previous startup. They knew their teammates, just like them, had feedback that was going unsaid because there was no formal outlet. So they decided to solve the problem themselves and built the first version of Incognito.

It took off! Immediately providing value for leadership and the wider team.

Knowing that other companies face this same issue, Matt and Ali set off to build Incognito to its full potential. To empower employees and leadership to cooperatively build a strong feedback culture.

As the platform grew we had to search for the true meaning of our existence and quickly settled on our core principle:

Everyone deserves to feel Safe, Heard, and Engaged

To this day, every single action taken by the team below is in service of the core principle above.

The Team

Matt Brooks - Co founder
Matt Brooks
Co-founder - Tech Focus
Ali Khan - Co founder
Ali Khan
Co-founder - Business Focus
Sarah Barrett - Head of Marketing
Sarah Barrett
Head of Marketing
Manish Panwar - Head of Dev
Manish Panwar
Head of Development
Elisa Mayers - Head of Success
Elisa Mayers
Head of Success

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