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March 13, 2024
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30 Good poll question to increase your team engagement in 2024

Good poll questions are popular because many teams are looking for ways to brighten their workday.

This is especially true for distributed teams that have never met in person because sitting alone at your computer all day can need a lot of brightening.

Good poll questions allow team members to speak openly about job satisfaction and how the workplace can improve.

A modern workplace can be shaped through regular polls to suit its members' needs better. Questions that are fun focus less on improving processes and systems and more on letting loose and getting to know each other better.

Funny poll questions can boost engagement, energy, and participation. If you’re struggling to find the right questions for the poll, this article is for you! We will guide you through some very practical and engaging methods and types of questions. 

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Hopefully, you will better understand what makes a good poll question and which ones are right for your team. 

Good multiple choice poll questions

The way you pick your team's poll question depends on your field, team, and company culture.

The leadership style within your company has an impact as well. If your company has a democratic leadership style where everyone can give their opinion freely, then your poll questions will be very easy to make.

This also depends if your workforce is distributed or in the office. We believe such polls, as fun as in-person meetings, double for the distributed teams.

Consider that you might need to set up and create a comfortable and longer meeting when having poll questions involved. Also, take more time to discuss the results of the poll questions. 

This or That Poll Questions

This is a great idea when two things or ideas are equally good, and you want to find out which from the team sides with. Here are some questions suitable for this or that poll questions. 

  • Office or work from home?
  • Ipad or laptop?
  • Indoor lunch break or outdoor lunch break?
  • Weekly meetings or monthly meetings?
  • Teamwork or individual work?
  • One longer break time or shorter break times?
  • More in-office treats or healthier options?

Yes or No Poll Questions

This form of poll questions will give you a firm answer and lead you to understand better what your team favors. Below you will find some good Yes or No questions office edition. 

  • Do you get inspired by your colleagues? 
  • Is the company culture a good one?
  • Do you feel appreciated at work?
  • Do you prefer working from home?
  • Is the company providing the tools you need to perform better at your job?
  • Do you feel that you are being micromanaged?
  • Are you satisfied with your work results?
  • Do you see yourself working here after three years?

Would You Rather This or That Poll Question

This poll question makes the team think more about whatever they have to pick. This kind of poll is not preferred for the type of thirty-minute meeting. Find some interesting Would You Rather This or That Poll Questions below.

  • Would you rather use your work computer or your personal computer at the office?
  • Would you rather work alone in an office or together with the team in an open space?
  • Would you rather eat lunch alone or with your colleagues?
  • Would you rather bring your pet into the office or send time to daycare?
  • Would you rather stay at home binge-watch series or hang out with your friends from work?
  • Would you rather work overtime or leave early?
  • Would you rather complete your anonymous Friday feedback or ignore it?
  • Would you rather take on a project or just be a part of it as a team member?

Getting to Know One Another Poll Questions 

These questions are believed to be good for engaging employees and boosting employee morale. When the team with the leadership gathers and gets to know each other better, that is a very qualitative time spent.

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  • What are three qualities you appreciate from your leaders or managers?
  • What kind of leadership style do you think we have as a company?
  • Who are three colleagues whom you always ask for your help?
  • Tell us one quality for each of your team members.
  • What should be changed within the workflow to perform better in the future?
  • Tell us a few things you admire about the company.
  • Tell us three things you hate about the company. 

Good poll questions for employee's advice

The main reason why poll questions are made is to improve the team's morale and boost their productivity. These questions help to open up and understand your team's beliefs, ideas, point of view, creativity, and mindset.

There are endless ideas and improvements you can get from your team. Keep in mind that employee engagement is key to every company or organization, but on the other hand, sometimes it is challenging to keep employees engaged. That’s why polls and other engagement activities can be so powerful.


1. How can the effectiveness of these poll questions in engaging teams be measured or evaluated?

To measure the effectiveness of poll questions in engaging teams, track participation rates and observe any changes in team behavior or performance following discussions. Surveys or feedback forms post-discussion can also gauge perceived value.

2. Are there specific tools or platforms recommended for conducting these polls within a team?

For conducting polls, many companies use tools like Wrenly on Slack or Microsoft Teams to run specialized survey. These platforms offer features for anonymity, real-time results, and easy participation.

3. How should a team leader or manager follow up on the responses to these poll questions to foster a more engaged and cohesive team environment?

Following up on poll responses can involve discussing the results in team meetings, addressing any concerns raised, and implementing feedback where practical. 

It's also helpful to plan actions based on the feedback and communicate these plans to the team to show that their input is valued and taken seriously.

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