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Top Questions To Ask About Employee Engagement

Top Questions To Ask About Employee Engagement
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You can improve employee engagement by asking the right questions. A simple and effective measure of employee engagement is to conduct regular surveys, such as anonymous pulse surveys, open-ended questions, and short surveys. A company that values its team will conduct employee engagement surveys long before things escalate the moment they see such a thing as decreased engagement levels or lower employee engagement. They see professional development opportunities not being implemented. 

There are different areas where employees have feedback to share related to that matter. However, asking the right questions about employee engagement is essential for the company's long run. Leaders and managers get an understanding of where their team stands and believes. 

This article will guide you through some top questions about employee engagement. Hopefully, you will shift your employee engagement to the next level after your employee survey

Importance of employee engagement questions 

Every question related to employees' wellness, engagement, and growth is essential. As a manager, you will find yourself in the middle of countless questions on top of questions, ideas on top of ideas, and which one to pick and choose can be challenging. Which survey questions determine which employees are highly engaged and which survey platforms can efficiently handle open-ended questions?

Keep in mind that anonymous surveys always work better. That is why we highly suggest them. Anonymity gives people freedom. 

Questions to ask about employee engagement 

Employee engagement is not focused on the daily tasks that employees will endure daily. Employees' engagement and productivity get affected by workplace overall satisfaction, their satisfaction with managers and leaders, their timeline, and the list goes on and on. Here we will break down questions about employee engagement related to most work areas in a few sections. 

Employee Engagement Survey Questions 

  1. Which aspect of your work most interests you?
  2. What motivates you to come to work?
  3. Are you able to find meaning and purpose in your job?
  4. Are you able to work independently from your manager in any way?
  5. Are there any challenges in the office that you enjoy tackling?
  6. In what ways does your contribution result in results?
  7. Is there anything that motivates you to contribute?
  8. Describe how your work aligns with the company's goals.
  9. How do you go beyond set KPIs?
  10. How do you accomplish your tasks? What resources do you use?
  11. How do you manage your workflow?
  12. What one aspect of your employment would you change, if anything?
  13. What direct impact does your job have on the company's success?
  14. What one quality most defined your current employer?

These are good starting points for your survey; we suggest you keep it short, encouraging your team to fill them out continually. At the end of the survey, always ask away something related to the survey itself. Below you will find more questions about employee engagement that you will find helpful. 

  1. What are the responsibilities of your position? (We wouldn't suggest using this question if the survey is anonymous.) 
  2. What inspires you to put out your best effort at work?
  3. What makes working for our company so enjoyable for you in particular?
  4. What is the one aspect of the business that, if you were CEO, you would change?
  5. What would you like to share with us now?
  6. What has been your most positive experience at work this month?
  7. Describe how your role at this company differs from those in other companies similar to yours.
  8. What does success mean to you in this position?

Work-life balance employee engagement questions 

Anonymous surveys are very beneficial surveys. The engagement of employees, their contribution to company culture, work-life balances or imbalances, and the overall experience of work-life, independent of workload. 

  1. What are the top 3 characteristics needed for new hires to fit into the company culture?
  2. What do you enjoy doing for fun at work?
  3. Name one aspect of our company culture that could be improved.
  4. Describe any conflicts that develop between work and life in your personal life.
  5. What would you tell your family and friends about our business?
  6. What one aspect of the company's employee culture would you change?
  7. What do you like best about the workplace culture?
  8. Which team event would you like to participate in or organize?
  9. Where do you usually spend your time when you're not at work?
  10. How do you make time for your loved ones and friends outside work?

Employee teamwork engagement questions 

The way your team collaborates shows a lot about your company culture. It is essential always to keep an eye on your teamwork and keep track of their feedback via regular surveys. 

  1. Describe the communication style used by your team.
  2. What tactics does your team use to coordinate and keep members interested in achieving and beyond goals?
  3. How does your team support you in finishing tasks?
  4. How do your team members handle viewpoints that vary from their own?
  5. What is the team dynamic like in your department, in your opinion?
  6. How do you interact with your coworkers?
  7. What drives your team's contributions and chances for collaboration?
  8. How do you show appreciation to other workers for a job well done?
  9. What do you enjoy most about teamwork?
  10. How would you characterize the team member?
  11. What one aspect of this survey would you change?

Improve employee engagement by acting on survey results 

Inform your team members of your plans. Some quick wins and modifications can be possible immediately, while others would take more time to execute.

Using company apps like Incognito for Slack, the Slack app, emails, and zoom meetings, inform your staff about the plan and milestones.

You may not be able to act on all the feedback, so you must explain why to your staff.

Show your employees that you are actively listening by demonstrating that you have given severe feedback and by outlining why you cannot agree with their request or provide an alternative. Not all engagement involves surveys. It involves empowering your staff to speak up.

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