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December 14, 2023
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App For Rewarding Employees and Feedback

You're missing out if you don't use an app for rewarding employees and feedback, such as “Wrenly.” Nowadays, companies have a lot of options for automating employee feedback. However, feedback on employee recognition should not be only automated. A simple, heartfelt short sentence can go a long way and reduce the robotic feeling of automated feedback. Consider slack and Microsoft teams for this.

The importance of employee recognition is essential for a long list of reasons; for sure more recognition makes employees happier and more engaged with their coworkers and the company's objective, which increases employee engagement in the workplace via Microsoft teams. In addition, providing employees with the benefit of recognition builds relationships and opens doors in the workplace. This is crucial in remote work settings when staff members could start to feel alienated from their team. Employee recognition program pays off for companies! There are endless benefits you can get from employee recognition program.

An employee recognition program also builds the foundation of your community and organizational culture. The employees seek appreciation from all parties, including the CEO, managers, and coworkers. Increasing employee satisfaction with their work will encourage and motivate them to continue working hard, increasing productivity and quality of work. All this can be done with an employee recognition and reward program.

Reasons for Rewarding Employees 

Rewarding employees is vital for company morale, future employee engagement and retention, and employee happiness. Here are three reasons to start rewarding your employees:

1. To Thank Employees for a Job Well Done

Rewarding employees for a job well done is vital for employee engagement. As previously mentioned, giving employees feedback on their performance is important. But many companies fail to follow up that performance review with actual rewards. If you want to see a bigger boost in employee performance, pair your performance reviews with rewards. At the end of the day, people do their best work when they feel like it will be noticed, whether by you or by someone else. When employees know that they have done a good job and that their effort is appreciated, they’ll be much more likely to go above and beyond in the future.

2. To Motivate Employees

Another reason to reward employees is to motivate them to do even better. Rewarding employees for specific achievements inspires them to do even more because they know their work is being recognized and rewarded. It also gives them more incentive to keep trying until they’ve achieved their goals and reached the next milestone. When you reward employees for their efforts, you give them the push they need to achieve greater success in the future!

3. To Retain Employees

In an era where the average employee turnover is at 17%[1], it’s incredibly important to reward your employees if you want them to stick around for the long haul. It’s unfathomable that any business would choose not to reward good performance by its employees, as poor performance is usually a result of poorly motivated employees who don’t feel appreciated or whose efforts are going unnoticed. If a company is unwilling to reward hard work and loyalty, then it’s not really worth working there! Rewarding employees helps retain employees, so why not start rewarding today?

When applying an employee recognition program to your team you will benefit a lot. By doing so, you will definitely:

  1. Boost motivation
  2. Show your appreciation
  3. Organize friendly competitions
  4. Boost productivity
  5. Retain your employees
  6. Foster a positive workplace
  7. Employee wellness
  8. Improve workplace culture


Boost Employee Motivation 

Offering rewards and incentives for good work via employee recognition program will increase motivation, helping the team stay on task and remain upbeat. In addition, these efforts promote teamwork and give workers a goal to strive for, you will see a significant employee engagement. When people are rewarded for doing something well, they are likely to continue doing it. Such service awards do have an impact for the better in the workplace. Every team member will feel better. It is no longer necessary to choose between being productive and having fun.

Everyone has a need to feel important, to know that their contributions are valued not just by their manager but by the organization as a whole. This is the main reason why employee engagement programs work so well. Encouraging employees to contribute to an organization’s success helps them to feel important and invested in their work, which will result in a meaningful and productive relationship between them and your company. That’s your employee engagement strategy. An employee rewards program, in particular, allows you to show your team that you appreciate them. Sometimes it’s as simple as a small, unexpected gift. Even something as simple as a “thank you” card expressing how much they mean to the organization and how much they contribute could be enough to renew their motivation and increase commitment to the company.

Employee recognition programs offer another way to improve employee engagement by showing them that they have value within the organization. Recognition can be a powerful motivator for employees and is hands-down the most effective way to boost motivation, engagement, and productivity both inside and outside the workplace. To do this effectively at scale, though, you need an effective employee recognition platform that takes care of everything from writing both formal and informal recognition notes to providing employees with the tools they need to manage their own recognition efforts.

Show Your Appreciation for Employees 

It is difficult to have happy employees if you don't let your teams know how much you value what they do. By praising successes, you make it clear that you and the business value them. Employee pleasure at work depends on them feeling heard, seen, and valued at work. Employees that feel appreciated are content and eager to put in a lot of effort to grow the business. Hardworking people can be demotivated and dulled by a lack of appreciation, reducing productivity and lowering employee retention.


Organize friendly competitions

Rewards programs encourage healthy competition. Employees will begin evaluating each other's work and aim to improve their own. Everyone on the team will want to reach the top. When a team or individual's accomplishment is shared with the company, awareness is raised, and people are inspired to work hard. Employee management can take better care of this.

One way to do this is to encourage friendly competition among teams. Have a “best driver” competition. Or have an awards ceremony for the most productive team. Or an award for the best service team.

These competitions reward teams that are already doing well, encouraging them to continue their success. And when employees see others getting rewarded, they’ll want to compete themselves!

When employees want to participate in these friendly competitions, they’ll be motivated to try harder and deliver better results. It’s also a great way to measure your employees’ work performance; when they win awards they’re proud of they’ll be more likely to share their knowledge with other teams.

Organize friendly competitions like these in your company to bring out the best in your employees.

Boost productivity

Employees engage more at work when their accomplishments are recognized verbally or rewarded. In addition, teams of workers working toward a goal are more productive because they use their time and resources more effectively to get there and see concrete results.

Employees are empowered to take charge of their tasks and are more likely to finish them on time when they are more invested in their work and feel proud of it. Compared to other employees or working toward a reward, they will ensure that the work is top-notch. Incentives are a good idea as well, consider incentive programs for your workplace as well. This will definitely add up to company values and employee satisfaction.

Retain your employees

Engaged employees would rather stay with a company. Employees would rather work for companies that value them and demonstrate it publicly.

Retaining more employees through incentives and recognition will help the business develop and succeed over the long run.

The psychology behind why companies lose great employees is complex. But the fact is, it happens every day. Employees lose interest in their work and their organization. Or they have another life event that makes quitting the right decision. Or they get outgrown by the position they’ve worked so hard to reach. And losing employees hurts the growth of your organization; often leaving vacancies that take months to fill.

When a team member leaves, you might be overwhelmed with tasks and stress for a period of time. This energy that could be spent on your business is lost until you hire new people and train them. The long-term effects of not hiring new people are costly and damaging to your business, but many companies are fearful to hire from scratch because they don’t want to invest in people who leave soon after being hired. Instead of hiring from scratch, rethinking your approach to hiring and retention can help you keep your employees for longer periods of time.

Foster a positive workplace

Teams with members that are happy, motivated, and valued are not only more productive but also happier. And those emotions spread, creating an environment at work where employees are happy and enthusiastic.

The core of every company is in its culture. Initiatives for incentives and recognition foster engagement, satisfaction, motivation, and teamwork. A truly amazing workplace is created when all these components are created and support each other. Performance management and team leaders can take care of this.

Employees should be recognized for the following:

To celebrate a work anniversary or complete the first 90 days on the job. 

To recognize excellent teamwork, consistently completing projects on time, or having a great new idea that helped the team improve in a particular area. 

To reward excellent performance over time, like a year after an employee joined the team. 

Some companies reward employees in different ways, as follows: 

  • A monetary reward (gift card, bonus, etc.)
  • Paid time off extra
  • An opportunity to advance
  • Giving an employee a spontaneous call or direct message or taking them out to lunch
  • A gift, such as a vacation or free massage
  • Slack channel or company meeting shoutout
  • A heartfelt card

A good employee recognition app personalized recognition based on the employee's preferences.

HR leaders provide the most common employee recognition programs related to health and wellness.

This doesn’t mean that leaders should compliment their team on their hard work only on special occasions; constant appreciation is an excellent method to keep the workflow positive. 

Wrenly for rewarding employees and feedback

Wrenly App helps you recognize valuable feedback from your team while saving the world. This means you will do good for your team and the planet; it doesn’t get better. Let me break down for you the way it works. 

  • Valuable feedbacks

Your team submits bottom-up feedback to leadership.


  • Reward

The leadership group gives out clap emojis for really valuable feedback.

  • Redeem

Your team members wait to build up a clap balance and then redeem rewards.

Using Wrenly, you can reward valuable feedback, making a positive feedback loop by allocating claps (our fun point system) to high-value feedback. Create a culture that appreciates and rewards high-value feedback. 

One Clap - Valuable. 

Two Claps - Very Valuable 

Three Claps - Super Valuable! 

You pick and choose how and when you reward your team.

Track and reward employee performance with Wrenly. Collect employee feedback to understand your teams better. Set company goals and recognize your employees when they reach them. Positive feedback and recognition can be given to everyone through Incentives, thereby celebrating the workers' hard work. In addition, contests can be integrated into our app to encourage fun competition among team members.

Spread good vibes around your office and celebrate daily wins using Wrenly with your team. Inspire the team to give better feedback on all the significant changes they're making. With the help of our app, you will help your team to make a difference while improving your company culture. Your main goal as a leader should be to create a culture where people can do their best work and never want to leave.

App For Rewarding Employees and Feedback Conclusion

With the right app, it can be easy to get the right kind of feedback to employees. When you have the right app, you'll find that it's easy to get feedback from your employees. With an app that prioritizes employee engagement and feedback, you can enjoy an ongoing conversation with your team. It's also great for developing team members and shows what makes your culture unique.

And when you have an app that offers a rewards program, it will be even easier for employees to give their input. A modern rewards program can be an effective tool for engaging employees and boosting morale.

Getting employees involved in your feedback program is important for helping them grow as a professional, and an app can make it easy for them to do so.

And for a people anonymous feedback platform that makes it easy to get feedback and keep track of employee satisfaction, download Wrenly today!

Ready to start tracking your company's engagement via anonymous feedback? Try Wrenly today free!

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