Wrenly Points & Rewards

Wrenly points and rewards


Wrenly is revolutionizing the way companies engage with their employees through our innovative points and rewards system.

By integrating advanced AI technology, we've created a platform that not only encourages meaningful participation but also recognizes and rewards it in a tangible way.

Our system is designed to enhance workplace culture by incentivizing contributions that genuinely add value to the organization.

How Wrenly Points Work

Our AI-driven system is at the heart of Wrenly's points allocation. It meticulously evaluates employee contributions across various channels – from suggestion box comments to peer recognitions and survey feedback.

The AI assesses each entry based on criteria such as Actionability, Usefulness, Evidence-Base, Impact Potential, Feasibility, Significance, and Depth.

Bi-weekly, points are awarded based on these evaluations, ensuring a fair and merit-based recognition system that truly reflects the quality of each contribution.

Setting Monthly Budget for Points

To implement the Wrenly points system, companies are advised to set a monthly budget of $1 to $2 per employee.

This budgeting strategy is simple yet effective, allowing organizations of any size to easily scale the system according to their workforce.

By setting this budget, companies can maintain a sustainable and impactful rewards program that continuously motivates and engages their teams.

Earning Points

Employees earn points by actively engaging in the platform, contributing ideas, feedback, and recognitions that meet the high standards set by our AI.

High-value contributions that demonstrate actionable insights, significant impact, and in-depth analysis are especially rewarded.

This system encourages not just participation, but meaningful and constructive engagement that drives the company forward.

Creating Non-Biased Incentives Using AI

Our AI-driven approach is designed to create a level playing field, moving away from traditional, often biased, recognition systems.

By evaluating contributions based on objective criteria, Wrenly ensures that every employee has an equal opportunity to be recognized for their genuine input, regardless of their role or popularity within the company.

This fosters a culture of meritocracy and fairness, essential in modern workplaces.

Redeeming Points

Employees can redeem their points for a variety of rewards, including donations to organizations like The Humane League, Clear Air Task Force, and Malaria Consortium, or gift cards from popular retailers such as Amazon, Apple, Macy's, Target, and Starbucks.

This diverse range of options ensures that there are appealing choices for every employee, making the rewards feel personal and valuable.

Custom Rewards by Leadership

Leadership can add a personal touch to the rewards system by setting up unique incentives.

These can range from lunch with the CEO, an extra half-day of PTO, to engaging experiences like a cooking class for two.

Such custom rewards not only add excitement to the program but also align closely with the company's culture and values, enhancing the overall employee experience.

Getting Started with Wrenly Points

Implementing the Wrenly points system is straightforward.

Companies simply need to set their budget and select the rewards they want to offer.

With no complex setup requirements, businesses can quickly integrate this system into their existing workflows, allowing them to start reaping the benefits of a more engaged and motivated workforce right away!

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