Hi there! We're looking for a top-tier self-motivated full stack dev looking to build an impressive product

We are Incognito Apps, an innovative employee experience SAAS platform delivered seamlessly through a Slack-integrated web app. 

We're a small, impact-focused team on a mission to redefine employee experience, and we’re looking for a motivated highly skilled developer to join our small but mighty team.

Or, if you refer a friend/colleague that we end up hiring we will pay you $50 USD!

Here’s a 2 min from our lead dev in India explaining more about the role & opportunity. He rates the team 5 stars!

🚨 Firm Requirements 🚨
Proficiency in React, Node.js, Express, Next.js
1+ year of real world startup experience
Good eye for design & product mindset (prove it!)
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Why Work with Us?

Authentic Impact: Your code will directly influence how hundreds of startups build culture and engage with their team. You’ll be making a difference in the lives of 100,000+ employees globally

Independence: As a small, cohesive unit, each of us wears multiple hats. You won't be a small cog in a large machine; you'll be a critical component of a high-performing engine.

Selective Team: We pride ourselves on maintaining a very high bar for talent. By joining us, you’re becoming part of an elite team passionate about efficacy, data-driven decisions, and impactful work. You would be the 3rd developer at the company!

Great Compensation: We’re looking for top-tier talent and we know that comes at a premium. Expect to be paid well for your highly important skills.

What We're Looking For

Technical Skill: Proficiency in React, Node.js, Express, Next.js (at least 1 year of real-world experience). We use TypeScript for clean scalable code. We expect you to have a strong portfolio that demonstrates your ability to build complex web apps from the ground up.

Self-motivation: With flexibility comes responsibility. We're looking for someone who doesn’t need to be micromanaged and takes full ownership of their tasks from start to finish. We build our rough designs and requirements as a team but implementation and testing will be entirely up to you.

Feedback-Driven: Our platform is all about constructive feedback, and we expect the same openness in our team. You should be adept at both giving and receiving feedback to iteratively improve.

Next Steps / Application

If you're excited by the opportunity to work on a product that is revolutionizing the way startups engage with their employees, and you meet our criteria for technical skill and personal attributes, we'd love to hear from you.

Please send your resume, portfolio, and any questions you might have to hiring@incognitoforslack.com so we can schedule an initial discussion.

If you refer a friend/colleague that we end up hiring we will pay you $50 USD!