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December 14, 2023
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Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual team-building activities can greatly impact your team's well-being and productivity, so they’re worth the time to think about them. There are many ways to help you understand what affects your team's morale; learn more about boosting your team's morale here. Virtual team building ideas come from remote teams can come together in a relaxed and unassuming virtual setting to connect more casually and socially. Contests and games can be conducted through cloud-based video communication platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Google Meet. Focus on remote team building activities to get the best out of them. Virtual meeting energy can determine whether those virtual meetings are working.

Importance of Virtual Team Building Activities 

Whether your team is fully remote or partially remote, virtual team building is a fantastic investment for any group or the virtual teams. It’s important to remember that virtual team-building activities have a lot to do with the fact that it helps colleagues connect to create a healthier team. Every team meeting aims to do more. The problem solving skills are important.

Creating a healthy team relationship 

Relationships between remote workers can be a bit cold for endless reasons. That is why team members who are connected tend to work better together. It's like talking to a friend instead of a stranger! 

Communicating with coworkers is crucial for creating a successful team, whether you've always had remote workers or recently shifted to an online work environment. Sometimes remote workers feel forgotten, left out, or distant from their coworkers because there is no casual in-person connection. It's important to remind them that they are an integral part of the virtual team through virtual team building!

Promoting positivity and productivity 

Your team will be challenged and encouraged to solve problems due to a virtual team building exercise. Solving problems or completing tasks can be made easier by thinking outside the box.

As a result, they'll gain skills such as:

  • Viewing projects from a different perspective

  • Posing more useful questions

  • Trying new solutions without fear of failure

  • When they cannot accomplish something alone, they collaborate with other teammates

  • Using virtual team building enhances your team's ability to work smarter, not harder, during activities as well as at work

Avoid the so-called “Zoom Fatigue.”  

You've probably experienced "Zoom fatigue" at some point if most of your team uses Zoom for work.

Zoom fatigue appears as:

  • End-of-day weariness and sore muscles and joints

  • Increased irritation and difficulties concentrating.

Not the ideal ingredients for a productive team! It may not seem like a good idea to participate in a Zoom activity, such as a virtual escape room, to avoid getting tired of Zoom, but you'd be amazed at how it may help break up the monotony of frequent video chats. The stimulation that your team receives from working on a computer all day will be changed up by virtual team building!

Some Virtual Team Building Games

Workers that are comfortable working in teams are typically more suited for virtual games because they are already approachable, adaptable to change, and can handle difficult situations at work without losing it.

Use any or all of the virtual activities suggested below to foster communication amongst team members.

  • Virtual Team Activity - Goosechase

Goosechase is a game that promotes healthy competition among team members. This exercise will delve into each participant's objectives through a solution-focused technique while exposing their gladiatorial energy.

  • Show and tell virtually.

Through fun and friendly activity, team members' communication skills are improved. Additionally, it strengthens the bonds between employees when team members open up a little about their personal life. Before the exercise starts, ask workers to put together a brief story. They can act spontaneously and talk about anything that comes to mind. The intuitive method encourages free original thought.

  • Remote Office in Real Time

Whoever arrives first starts a video chat for the day. Feel free to discuss topics other than work, such as the newest news or the reasons why dogs like cheese. Individual team members join the video chat when they start their workday and can continue for as long as seems necessary. The opportunity for watercooler conversations is provided by this video communication, which fosters a sense of teamwork among team members.

  • Virtual Icebreaker with Murder Mystery

The team members will undoubtedly get along better after this activity. Create a virtual murder mystery game, assign players to teams, and start the investigation! To defeat the other teams, participants use their problem-solving abilities and a race against time. Celebrate the victorious team's "eureka moment" when the mystery has been solved. The only way to successfully answer the enigma is through working together, so this puzzling activity promotes teamwork.

  • Two truths and a lie

It's simple to play a well team-building game, Two Truths and One Lie, online through chat or video calls. An excellent Wi-Fi connection and a little creativity are all that is needed. Team members must come up with two truths and one lie in two minutes.

  • A friendly Q&A

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete this leisurely activity. Next, ask each team member to answer three challenging questions about themselves before organizing your online meeting.

For example:

Which meal, and why, would you pick if you could only eat it for one month?

Which sense would you give up first if you lived 120 years old?

What is anything that, even if paid, you wouldn't do?

Find the appropriate individual to go with each response. Ask the person to explain their decision after determining who provided which response. Colleague relationships are strengthened as a result of this activity.

  • Fast icebreaker

This virtual icebreaker is a straightforward yet effective team-building exercise. Request that users take a photo of their choice. It could be anything like a piece of art, a coffee maker, or the fridge's top. To make a digital collage of all the images, each person must upload their picture to a public online whiteboard. Each participant should look at each image and ask why they choose that. Create a theme for each round, or ask the team to identify the item by cropping the photographs!

Those simple team-building activities will help you discover much about one another. 

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