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April 19, 2024
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Simple Poll for Slack Review: 8 Key Considerations Before Making an Investment

It's Friday afternoon, pizza time!  You ask your team chat, "Deep dish or New York style?" Replies flood in: "Sounds good!", "Me too!", and a rogue "‍♀️." Ugh, the classic decision-making black hole strikes again!

Wanna escape the "me too" trap and actually know what your team wants?  

Here's your chance to win a [insert prize related to team communication or fun, e.g., team lunch, board game for the office] and become a decision-making master!

All you gotta do is keep reading.  

This in-depth Simple Poll review helps you with everything you wanted to know about this tool.

Get ready to:

  • Discover the hidden strengths (and hidden weaknesses) of Simple Poll. ⚔️
  • Discover if it's the perfect fit for your team, or if there's a more powerful alternative waiting.
  • Find out how you can transform your team's communication and decision-making process forever!

Let's go over the in-depth Simple Poll review and see if it's right for you.

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What is Simple Poll? 


SimplePoll is like a digital voting box for your team but way more convenient!  

Take, for example, needing everyone's input on something for your project.  

Instead of lengthy emails or endless chats, SimplePoll lets you create a quick poll directly inside your team's chat app, like Slack or Discord.

Here's what makes it so handy:

  • Easy Polling: You can whip up a poll in seconds. Just write your question and add multiple-choice answers for your team to vote on.
  • Real-Time Results: See how everyone votes instantly. No waiting around to gather responses!
  • Flexibility with Anonymity: Choose if people's names are shown with their votes. This is great for sensitive topics where team members might feel more comfortable sharing their honest opinions anonymously.
  • Frictionless Workflow: No need to switch between different programs. SimplePoll integrates seamlessly into your existing chat app, so voting is just a few clicks away.
  • Simpler Decisions: Need to decide on a meeting time or which restaurant to order from for lunch? SimplePoll helps you get everyone's input quickly and efficiently, avoiding long email chains or drawn-out discussions.

So, SimplePoll streamlines communication and decision-making within your team by providing a quick and easy way to gather everyone's thoughts on any topic, all within the familiar environment of your chat app.

Simple Poll Pricing

Here’s a breakdown of Simple Poll pricing to make it easier for you to understand. 

Pricing of Simple Poll

Free Plan:

  • This plan is free to use.
  • However, it limits you to 100 responses, 30 polls, and 10 surveys per month.

Premium Plan:

  • This plan offers unlimited responses, polls, and surveys.
  • The price depends on the size of your Slack workspace:
  • For 25-49 members, it's $95 per month.
  • Prices increase for workspaces with more members (e.g., $119 for 50-99 members and $179 for 100-199 members).

Enterprise Plan:

  • This plan is for large organizations with 5,000+ members and requires contacting them for a custom quote.
  • It offers additional features like dedicated support and onboarding programs.

So shortly: 

  • If you have a small team and low usage needs, the free plan might suffice.
  • If you need unlimited features, the Premium plan is your option, with the price depending on your workspace size.
  • For large organizations, contact Simple Poll for a custom Enterprise plan.

Now that we know where the pricing of this tool, let’s move on to its advantages and disadvantages. 

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Top 5 Features Users Liked About Simple Poll:

When it comes to user experience with Simple Poll, it’s clear that this tool has carved out a niche for itself among users who value efficiency and simplicity in communication tools.

Integrated within Slack, Simple Poll leverages the environment where teams already collaborate, making it an indispensable part of daily interactions. Here’s a deeper look into what users find most valuable about Simple Poll based on their experiences:

Ease of Use

Users frequently highlight the tool's simplicity and straightforwardness, making it easy to set up and use without requiring extensive tutorials or training.

Simple Poll Review on G2
Source: G2

This ease of use is a significant advantage as it ensures that all team members, regardless of their technical expertise, can participate in the polling process without any barriers.

Effective for Quick Feedback

Simple Poll excels in gathering quick decisions and opinions, which is highly valued by users looking to enhance team communication and decision-making processes.

The ability to swiftly collect team inputs helps in speeding up decisions that might otherwise stall without such a straightforward polling mechanism.

Free Basic Features

The availability of some free features is also noted as a positive, particularly for smaller teams or those just starting out.

Simple Poll review on G2
Source: G2

Users appreciate that they can access essential polling functions without upfront investment, making Simple Poll accessible and practical for initial usage.

Recurring Polls

The feature of setting up recurring polls is particularly praised for its convenience. Users value the ability to schedule regular polls that automatically gather ongoing feedback, facilitating continuous engagement and consistent data collection over time.

High Participation

Lastly, the high level of participation that Simple Poll fosters is frequently mentioned by users.

Its ease of use, combined with effective Slack integration, encourages more frequent and willing responses from team members, ensuring active involvement and better representation of the team’s opinions in decision-making processes.

Top 4 Cons of using Simple Poll  

When it comes to optimizing a tool like Simple Poll for employee engagement, certain shortcomings based on user experiences become particularly significant.

These drawbacks can affect how effectively the tool fosters interaction and participation within a team.

Let's discuss the five key limitations that users often encounter and find restrictive for enhancing employee engagement.

Limited Visibility and Interaction

From my experience, not being able to see poll results until the poll is closed is a major limitation.

This not only delays feedback but also prevents any dynamic interaction during the poll.

Additionally, the inability for respondents to leave comments or further feedback diminishes the tool's capacity for comprehensive communication. It's a barrier that keeps the tool from being more engaging and interactive, which is crucial for employee involvement.

Confusing User Interface (UI)

The user interface of Simple Poll can sometimes be less intuitive, particularly when it comes to navigating the results or understanding certain functionalities.

This complexity can be a hurdle, especially for new users who might find the tool less approachable.

An interface that requires less effort to understand and use would certainly improve employee participation and make the polling process smoother.

Lack of Rich Content Support

The absence of support for images, GIFs, or other rich media in polls is another limitation that I find particularly restrictive.

Visuals play a significant role in engagement, and their absence can make polls less appealing and interactive.

Incorporating multimedia elements could greatly enhance the attractiveness and effectiveness of polls, making them more engaging for team members.

Manual Efforts for Reminders

Currently, reminding participants who haven't responded to a poll requires manual intervention, which can be time-consuming and inefficient.

Automating this process would not only save time but also ensure consistent participation, which is key for maintaining high levels of engagement.

An automated reminder system would help keep everyone involved and make managing responses much easier.

Simple Poll review on Capterra
Source: Capterra

These points highlight some critical areas where Simple Poll could improve to better serve its purpose of engaging employees effectively.

Enhancements in these areas could make it a more powerful tool for fostering active participation and open communication within teams.

In a nutshell,

SimplePoll lets you create quick polls within your chat app (Slack, Discord) for easy team decisions.

Good for:

Not ideal for:

  • Complex polls with scales or open ended answers
  • Deep data analysis (identifying trends, "why" behind choices)


  • Free plan limits: 100 responses, 30 polls, 10 surveys/month.
  • Paid plan needed for unlimited features:some text
    • $95/month for workspaces with 25-49 members.
    • Prices increase for larger workspaces.

Why Simple Poll might not be a great fit?

In previous sections, we've thoroughly covered SimplePoll, discussing its pricing, pros, cons, and how effectively it functions for quick polling within Slack.

However, if your needs extend beyond simple polling, there are other tools out there that may better suit your requirements.

In this guide, we'll delve into why you might consider exploring alternatives to SimplePoll, especially if you require deeper insights or more versatile features.

Below, we outline eight reasons to look beyond SimplePoll for your polling needs.

8 Reasons to Consider Alternatives to SimplePoll

  1. Basic Data Analysis: SimplePoll counts votes but doesn’t show trends or explain the reasons behind choices.
  2. Limited Question Types: Looking for more than yes/no questions? SimplePoll might not offer the variety you need, like scales or open-ended questions.
  3. Voting Limitations: SimplePoll might let a user vote more than once, which could affect the accuracy of your results. It also lacks features for analyzing sentiments as they happen.
  4. Primarily for Quick Polls: If you need more than just simple polls, other tools offer additional features that could better meet your needs.
  5. No Visual Content: Adding images or videos isn’t possible with SimplePoll, which can make it harder to discuss complex topics clearly.
  6. Answer Length Restrictions: If you need detailed responses, especially for open-ended questions, SimplePoll’s short answer limit could be a drawback.
  7. Basic Reporting Tools: Sharing detailed reports or exporting data for further analysis can be challenging with SimplePoll.
  8. Limited Sharing Options: Sharing polls beyond your immediate team can be restricted with SimplePoll.

For HR and People Teams seeking a more robust solution, the next section will take a look at Wrenly - a tool that offers enhanced features beyond just Simple polling. Let's take a look how,

#1 Simple Poll Alternative: - A better solution to enhance employee engagement

Simple Poll is popular for making quick decisions in team chat apps like Slack and Discord.

But if you need something stronger for polling and engaging employees, Wrenly is a great choice. Here's why: goes beyond regular polling tools. It has features that make employee communication and collaboration easier. It includes suggestion boxes and automatic rewards to help build a team that works well together and feels motivated

Why choose over Simple Poll? 

Focus on Deeper Insights and Engagement

Anonymous Suggestion Box on Wrenly

This uncovers hidden trends and sentiment within responses, helping you understand the "why" behind employee choices. 

Simple Poll likely lacks these features, limiting your ability to make data-driven decisions.

  • Versatility for Complex Needs: 

Wrenly provides diverse question types (scales, open-ended), allowing you to tailor polls for various scenarios. 

Simple Poll focuses on basic formats, making it less suitable for intricate situations.

  • Real-Time Pulse on Your Team: 

Wrenly offers transparent voting with live behavior visibility. This fosters trust and allows for immediate sentiment analysis based on voting patterns. 

Simple Poll might not provide such control, potentially impacting results' accuracy.

Wrenly extends beyond polling with features that celebrate achievements and recognize contributions.

This fosters a positive work environment and motivates employees. 

Simple Poll lacks these engagement tools, missing out on building a strong company culture.

Cost Considerations

While Simple Poll has a free plan, its functionality is limited, especially for larger teams. 

Pricing scales based on workspace size, potentially becoming expensive for bigger companies.

Wrenly provides a free trial and a forever-free plan for small teams. Their paid plans offer tiered pricing based on features and user count, potentially costing less than Simple Poll for larger teams.

Pricing of Wrenly

In essence, Wrenly prioritizes understanding your team and creating a positive culture. Simple Poll focuses on basic polling with limited analysis.

Additionally, consider these factors:

Integration with Existing Tools:

  • Importance: Consider if either platform integrates seamlessly with the communication tools your team already uses. This simplifies access and encourages participation in polls. 
  • Example: If your team primarily uses Slack for communication, look for a polling platform that integrates directly with Slack. This allows users to access and respond to polls without switching between applications.

Ease of Use and User Interface:

  • Importance: A user-friendly interface makes creating and responding to polls quick and easy. This encourages participation and reduces confusion.
  • Evaluation: Look for features like intuitive poll creation tools, clear question formatting, and easy-to-understand response options. A visually appealing and well-organized interface also contributes to a positive user experience.

Customer Support Availability:

  • Importance: Reliable customer support ensures you have assistance if you encounter any issues or have questions about using the platform.
  • Evaluation: Research what kind of customer support each platform offers (e.g., email, chat, phone support). Additionally, check if they have a knowledge base or FAQs section with readily available answers to common questions.

Conclusion: Is Simple Poll Worth Polling App for your Slack?

I think you now know which platform is right for your team?

Oh still confused? 

Take the Wrenly Challenge!

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  1. Do you crave deeper insights than just vote counts? (Yes/No)
  2. Does your team need to create polls with open-ended questions or scales? (Yes/No)
  3. Is fostering a positive team culture important to you? (Yes/No)

If you answered YES to most of these questions, Wrenly's your HERO!

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