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April 1, 2024
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We Tested Top 3 Simple Poll Alternatives For 30 Days: Here’s what we’ve found

This blog is for you...

If you're tirelessly searching for the perfect Simple Poll alternative.


If you're aiming to elevate your team's engagement and peer recognition efforts.


If you're on the hunt for a tool that truly caters to the needs of leaders and HR professionals like you.

Whether your current tools are falling short in engaging your team or you're simply curious about what other solutions are out there, you've come to the right place. 

I've spent the last 30 days testing the top 3 Simple Poll alternatives: Wrenly,, and Geekbot. Here's what I've found.

Every leader and HR professional strives for enhanced team engagement and efficient feedback mechanisms. You, me, everyone. But finding the right tool to do so can be a massive hurdle. 

Yes, I know you're using Simple Poll, but so are many others. So, how do you get an edge? 

That's where this blog comes in, offering a fresh perspective on Simple Poll alternatives that could transform your approach to team engagement and peer recognition.

You might be thinking: "Not another review blog telling me what I already know." But here's why this blog is different:

🌟 I'll walk you through what Simple Poll is and its strengths, helping you understand the benchmark.

🌟 We'll explore why an alternative might be the right choice for your team or organization, considering the unique features, pricing, and reviews of Wrenly,, and Geekbot.

🌟 By comparing these alternatives directly with Simple Poll, I'll provide a clear picture of what you might be missing out on.

🌟 Finally, we'll conclude with a recommendation to help you decide which tool is the best fit for your team's engagement and recognition needs.

If you skip this blog, you'll miss out on the opportunity to discover a tool that could significantly enhance how your team interacts and acknowledges each other's efforts. 

Let's dive in and explore these Simple Poll alternatives together, making team engagement and peer recognition not just a task, but a powerful aspect of your organizational culture. 

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What is Simple Poll?

Simple Poll is a tool designed for teams using Slack, aiming to enhance communication and decision-making through polling. It seamlessly integrates with Slack, allowing users to create and respond to polls without leaving their conversation workspace. 

The process is straightforward: once Simple Poll is added to Slack, creating a poll is as simple as typing a command. This brings up a window where you can enter your question and possible answers.

The utility of Simple Poll is reflected in its ease of use and the range of features it offers:

  • Integration with Slack: Simple Poll seamlessly integrates into Slack, allowing users to create and respond to polls within the familiar environment of their Slack channels or direct messages. This integration ensures that team members can participate in polls without leaving their workflow, promoting higher engagement rates.

  • Creating Polls: To create a poll, users simply type a command (/poll) followed by their question and the potential answers into the Slack message box. This simplicity makes setting up polls accessible to all team members, regardless of their technical expertise.
creation of polls at Simple Poll

Features of Simple Poll:

  • Single-Question Polls: Ideal for quick decisions, these polls allow for fast collection of team preferences or opinions on a single issue.

  • Multi-Question Surveys: For more in-depth feedback, multi-question surveys enable the collection of comprehensive insights on various topics.

Simple poll multi-question surveys
Multi-question surveys at Simple Poll

  • Anonymity Options: Poll creators can choose to make polls anonymous or public, providing flexibility for different types of inquiries, from casual to sensitive topics.

The anonymous option feature of Simple Poll

  • Customization: Simple Poll allows for customization of polls, including scheduling for recurring polls and exporting data for analysis, enhancing the tool's utility for ongoing engagement and feedback collection.
Customization of schedule at Simple Poll

The primary benefit of using Simple Poll lies in its ability to foster communication and decision-making within teams, utilizing the already established communication channels of Slack. 

By providing a platform for easy-to-create polls and surveys, Simple Poll encourages active participation among team members, aiding in building a collaborative and responsive team culture.

As an observation, Simple Poll is among a variety of tools available for remote workspaces, each with its own set of features and benefits.

Its effectiveness for a particular team or organization will depend on specific needs, how the team uses Slack, and the overall communication culture within the workspace.

What are the strengths of Simple Poll?

Integration with Slack

Simple Poll works really well with Slack, and users like this a lot. You can make polls and surveys right in your Slack chats, without interrupting the conversation. This makes:

  • Quick decisions by asking for everyone's thoughts right away.
  • Easy to ask for feedback on anything.
  • Polls stay related to what you're talking about.

Not having to open another app to do this is very helpful and keeps things simple.

Ease of Use

Users find Simple Poll very easy to use. You don't need to know any complicated commands or steps. The easy design means:

  • Anyone can make a poll, even if they're not good with computers.
  • You can get your poll ready really fast.
  • More people want to start polls.

This makes it natural for teams to share their thoughts and ideas.

Recurring Polls

Being able to set polls to ask the same thing regularly is great for teams who need to keep checking on something or make choices often. Some benefits are:

  • Regularly seeing how the team feels or what they think is important.
  • Helps with making choices the same way over time.
  • You can see changes over time without making the poll again.
  • Saves time because you don't have to make the same poll more than once.

This feature makes it easy to plan and keep polls going.

Simple poll scheduling

Versatility in Poll Types

Simple Poll offers different kinds of polls, from one quick question to longer surveys. Also:

  • You can choose if everyone sees who said what or keep it secret.
  • This is good for simple team questions or private opinions.
  • Whatever you need feedback on, there's a way to ask.

This means you can always find the right way to get the opinions you need.

High Participation Rates

A poll isn't useful if people don't answer it. Users like that Simple Poll gets a lot of people to join in because:

  • It's right there in Slack, easy to see and use.
  • It doesn't take much work to answer.
  • The simple and friendly way it works makes people want to take part. 

With more people giving their opinions, you really get to know what the whole team thinks.

Why choose a Simple Poll alternative?

Delayed Results Visibility

I get that waiting until a poll is closed to see what people voted can be annoying. If you make polls, you might want to see how people are voting right away. 

This is especially true if you work in a team that moves fast and needs quick answers. Not seeing votes until the end can slow you down when you need to make quick choices.

  • Think about asking for opinions on something urgent. Wouldn't it be nice to see the votes as they happen?

  • Or if you're choosing what to eat for a team lunch. Seeing what food is winning as votes come in would be easier than waiting till the end. 

Lack of Advanced Features

Simple Poll works well with Slack but might be too basic if you want more from your polls. If you like making detailed polls or using polls with other tools, Simple Poll might not be enough.

  • Imagine wanting a complex poll with different paths or questions based on earlier answers. Simple Poll might not be able to do that.
  • Or if you want your poll results to automatically go into another app or a chart-making tool. Simple Poll might not connect that way. 

Price Increase Concerns

Some people have said Simple Poll costs a lot more now, which might make it less appealing, especially for small teams or businesses watching their budget. When the price goes up a lot but you don't get much more for it, you might start looking for something else. 

  • Think about a small company trying to save money. If Simple Poll gets much more expensive, you might question if it's worth it.
  • Or if you're handling lots of projects or teams, the extra cost could add up, making you look for cheaper options.

No Support for Ancillary Content

Not being able to add pictures, GIFs, or extra details to your polls makes Simple Poll less flexible. If you want to make your polls more fun, informative, or good-looking, this is a big downside.

  • Imagine asking about a new product idea. It would help to show pictures or drawings with your question, right?

  • Or if you're asking about ideas for a company event. Adding fun pictures or GIFs could make the poll more interesting. 

Limited Customization and Aesthetics

People have mentioned that Simple Poll could look better and offer more ways to change how it looks. If polls are too big or look messy in Slack, it might make them less nice to use.

  • Picture wanting your poll to look a certain way, like matching your company's colors. Simple Poll might not let you change it that much.

  • Or if you're posting a poll in a busy Slack channel. If the poll is too big or looks cluttered, it might be hard to notice or could bother people.

Simple Poll Pricing

Simple Poll offers three distinct pricing plans: Free, Premium, and Enterprise, catering to various needs and scales of use.

pricing of Simple-poll

Free Plan

The Free plan provides basic features, including:

  • Up to 100 responses per month
  • A limit of 30 polls and 10 surveys each month
  • Options for anonymous polls and real-time results viewing

This plan is suitable for personal use or small projects, offering a straightforward way to engage with a limited audience without additional functionalities like poll editing, scheduling, or advanced voting options.

Premium Plan

The Premium plan expands capabilities significantly, offering:

  • Unlimited responses, polls, and surveys
  • Features for editing polls, scheduling, vote limitation, and exporting results

The Premium plan is priced at $59 USD per month for workspaces with 1 to 24 members. While offering a considerable upgrade from the Free plan, it still does not include certain advanced survey functionalities such as recurring and anonymous surveys.

Enterprise Plan

Targeted at larger organizations, the Enterprise plan includes:

  • All the benefits of the Premium plan
  • Integration with Slack Enterprise Grid 
  • Access to a dedicated customer success manager, priority support, and tailored security reviews

This plan focuses on providing a comprehensive solution for large-scale operations needing customized support and integration capabilities, with pricing tailored to the organization's specific requirements.

In summary, 

I've shared what each Simple Poll plan offers and reasons you might lean towards or away from using them. While Simple Poll provides a straightforward polling solution across different scales, the limitations in advanced features could be a point to reconsider. 

The bottom line

Basically, If you just need to make simple polls and surveys and you're not doing it all the time, Simple Poll could be just right for you. It's like having a basic tool that does the job without any fancy extras.

But, let's say you want to do more for your team or employees, like really get them involved and talking. Then, you might need to look around for something a bit more special. 

It's not about saying Simple Poll isn't good; it's more about finding something that fits just right as your team grows and changes. 

Some tools out there have cool features like better ways to look at your poll results, making your polls look just the way you want, or even getting feedback in a way that's a bit more detailed.

So, think of it this way: Simple Poll is great if you're just starting or if you only need something simple every now and then. 

But if you're dreaming bigger, wanting to get your team more excited and engaged, it might be time to see what else is out there. It's like if you're cooking and you start with just salt and pepper but then realize there are so many more spices to explore!

Top 3 Simple Poll Alternatives We Tested

Over a period of 30 days, I thoroughly examined each tool to assess its capabilities and overall value. Although I've utilized my own tool, I aimed to provide an unbiased and honest perspective. My goal is to help you make an informed decision tailored to your specific needs. 

#1. Wrenly - Simple Poll’s Best Alternative for Employee Engagement & Peer Recognition

Wrenly is a comprehensive employee feedback and culture platform that goes far beyond simple polling, unlike tools like SimplePoll which are primarily focused on facilitating polls within Slack. 

Wrenly offers a robust suite of tools designed to enhance workplace culture, feedback mechanisms, and employee recognition across multiple platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

This platform serves as an all-encompassing solution for leadership and people teams who seek to foster a dynamic, engaging, and responsive workplace environment.

Benefits of Using Wrenly in Your Workplace

Wrenly distinguishes itself through a variety of features that cater to the multifaceted needs of modern workplaces. Here’s how it stands out:

Integration with Multiple Platforms: Wrenly seamlessly integrates with both Microsoft Teams and Slack.

This flexibility ensures that no matter the preferred communication tool of your team, Wrenly can be incorporated effortlessly, broadening its accessibility and utility.
Homepage of

Comprehensive Engagement Tools: 

  • Suggestion Boxes: Supports both private and public suggestion boxes, encouraging open and anonymous feedback from team members at any time.

  • Surveys and Polls: In addition to basic polls, Wrenly offers detailed surveys for gathering nuanced feedback and insights.

  • Birthday & Work Anniversary Celebrations: Automatically recognizes and celebrates important milestones within your team. 
  • Whistleblower Portal: Provides a secure channel for team members to report sensitive issues or concerns. 
  • Automated Rewards: Analyzes all incoming content to allocate points in an unbiased manner, which can be redeemed for donations or gift cards.

Suggestion Boxes for anonymous feedback at Wrenly

Advanced AI Features: 

  • AI Reports & Trends: Utilizes advanced AI to score employee-submitted content, offering a comprehensive health score and trending themes for actionable insights. 
  • AI Moderation: Ensures content moderation, enhancing the quality and relevance of interactions and feedback.

Free Tools:

  • Recognition Board (like Kudoboard): A tool designed for creating boards of appreciation, enhancing team morale by visibly acknowledging individual contributions. 
  • AI Health Calculator: Leverages AI to provide a snapshot of organizational health based on employee feedback, offering actionable insights. 
  • Free Glassdoor Reviews: Facilitates an understanding of external perceptions and aids in attracting top talent by showcasing your company’s culture and values.

Wrenly Pricing

Pricing of Wrenly

Wrenly offers three main plans, each designed to cater to different team sizes and requirements. Here’s a simplified look:

Free Forever Plan - $0

This plan is Ideal for small teams just getting started.


  • Allows up to 3 surveys per month for engaging feedback.
  • Includes up to 5 feedback entries and 10 recognitions per month to foster team spirit.
  • Limits to one admin with no option for leadership replies, keeping things simple.

Standard Plan - $4 per user/month (billed annually) or $5 per user/month (billed monthly)

This plan is perfect for teams ready to deepen their engagement efforts.

Features you get:

  • Provides unlimited surveys, feedback, and recognitions, removing any limitations on how much you can interact with your team.
  • Introduces the Wrenly AI Assistant and AI Health Score Reports for advanced insights into team well-being.
  • Includes public feedback moderation, plus birthday and anniversary reminders.
  • Adds the capability for department managers to act as admins, expanding leadership engagement.

Performance + Plan - $6 per user/month (billed annually) or $7 per user/month (billed monthly)

This plan is aimed at organizations focused on comprehensive feedback and performance improvement.

Features you get:

  • Builds on the Standard plan with added performance management and 360 feedback tools.
  • Offers priority support and a dedicated success manager for personalized guidance.
  • Provides assistance with launch and rollout strategy, ensuring successful implementation.

Trial Period

All plans come with a free 2-week trial, allowing you to explore all features and decide the best fit for your needs.

Wrenly vs Simple Poll: Which one is better?

When it comes to tools that help teams communicate, gather feedback, and make decisions together, Wrenly and Simple Poll are two popular options. Let's explore their similarities, differences, and unique strengths.

  • Integration: Both Wrenly and Simple Poll integrate with Slack, allowing teams to collaborate without leaving their primary communication hub. However, Wrenly takes it a step further by also supporting Microsoft Teams, providing more versatility for teams that use multiple platforms.

  • Surveys and Polls: Simple Poll, as the name suggests, is primarily focused on creating quick polls for gathering feedback on specific questions. Wrenly, on the other hand, offers more comprehensive survey capabilities in addition to polling features, making it a better choice for in-depth data collection and analysis.

  • Ease of Use: Simple Poll prides itself on its user-friendly interface, making it incredibly easy for anyone to create and participate in polls without any technical barriers. While Wrenly offers more robust features, it still strives to maintain a relatively straightforward user experience.

  • Versatility: Simple Poll provides different Poll types to cater to various question formats. Wrenly, however, takes versatility to a whole new level by incorporating features like rewards, celebrations, and recognition elements, transforming it into a more comprehensive team engagement platform.

  • Participation: Simple Poll's integration with Slack and its simplicity often lead to high participation rates for quick polls. Wrenly, on the other hand, aims to foster engagement through a multitude of interactive features, encouraging teams to participate in discussions, surveys, and celebrations beyond just answering polls.


Wrenly Performance on this Feature

Simple Poll Performance on this Feature

Better Option and Why

Platform Integration

Works with both Microsoft Teams and Slack

Integrates exclusively with Slack

Wrenly is better because it offers more flexibility for teams using different communication platforms.

Survey Depth

Offers detailed surveys alongside basic polls

Primarily focuses on simple polls and surveys

Wrenly is better for teams needing in-depth feedback due to its comprehensive survey tools.

Engagement Tools

Includes suggestion boxes, AI features, and automated rewards

Limited to polls and surveys

Wrenly is better as it provides a wider range of tools to engage employees beyond just polls.

Ease of Use

Might require a learning curve due to its broad features

Known for its user-friendly, straightforward use

Simple Poll is better for users seeking simplicity and speed in creating and responding to polls.

In summary, Simple Poll is a good choice for teams seeking a straightforward and streamlined solution for quick polls and decision-making. 

Wrenly, however, is a more versatile platform that not only facilitates polls and surveys but also offers a suite of features designed to enhance team collaboration, engagement, and celebration of achievements.

#2. - Simple Poll Best Alternative for Real Time Feedback is a tool designed to enhance team interaction within digital workspaces like Slack and Microsoft Teams. It allows users to conduct polls, surveys, Q&As, and more, aiming to streamline the process of gathering and analyzing team feedback. 

With features tailored for real-time engagement and comprehensive analytics, positions itself as a platform that not only collects but also helps interpret team feedback for actionable insights. 

Polly homepage

What are the benefits of using 

In considering the integration of into our workplace, I'd like to outline its benefits from a perspective that could be particularly relevant to HR and leadership teams., as an employee feedback and engagement tool, offers several features that can significantly enhance how you connect with and understand your team members.

Here’s a detailed look into what makes valuable:

Seamless Integration: 

  • integrates directly into Slack and Microsoft Teams.

  • This allows users to create and respond to polls and surveys within the digital workspace they already use, streamlining the feedback process. 

Immediate Feedback: 

  • Real-time response gathering enables quick decision-making.

  • Team leaders and members can see how votes are cast as they happen, facilitating a dynamic and interactive feedback environment. 

Customizable Surveys: 

  • Offers a wide range of customizable options for polls and surveys, from simple yes/no questions to complex surveys with multiple-choice answers.

  • The flexibility to tailor questions means can be adapted for various informational needs, enhancing its utility across different scenarios.
Multiple choice feature at polly

Boosts Team Engagement:

  • Beyond its practical applications, includes features designed to increase fun and engagement, such as quizzes and trivia. 
polly-engagement feature
The engagement feature at Polly for fun and quizzes
  • These features add a playful dimension to the workday, which can help in strengthening team bonds and improving overall morale. 


  • Designed to be accessible and straightforward, allowing for easy creation and management of polls and surveys by anyone on the team. 

  • Its ease of use promotes wider participation and engagement from team members, ensuring a more comprehensive collection of feedback. Pricing: provides a range of pricing options for its services on both Slack and Microsoft Teams, designed to cater to various team sizes and needs. Here's an overview to help you understand what each plan offers and how it might suit your requirements: Pricing for Slack

pricing of Polly
  • Free Plan ($0 per user/month) 

  • Limited to 25 responses per month.
  • Results are only accessible for 45 days.
  • Offers basic polling features like polls, surveys, and standups but lacks more comprehensive features such as AI health reports and recognition programs.

  • Team Plan ($2 per user/month) some text
    • Offers unlimited responses.
    • Allows you to keep results indefinitely and export them.
    • Still lacks features like rewards, a whistleblower portal, AI insights, or trend analysis. 

  • Business Plan ($4 per user/month) 

  • Includes everything in the Team Plan, plus Q&A and Suggestion Box, and integrations with tools like Google Sheets.
  • Provides enhanced data reporting features and admin controls.
  • Lacks personalized recognition and rewards systems and does not offer a celebration board for team milestones. 

  • Enterprise Plan (Custom Pricing)  some text
    • Offers unlimited responses and an unlimited results history.
    • Includes advanced options like official Pollys, secure link sharing, full API access, and custom data retention policies.
    • High level of support and security features but requires contacting for detailed pricing. Pricing for Microsoft Teams

Pricing of Polly of microsoft teams
  • Free Plan ($0 per month) 

  • Similar limitations to the Slack Free Plan, with 25 responses per month and a 30-day results history.
  • Enables quizzes, trivia, and Q&A in Teams Meetings. 

  • Standard Plan ($49 per month, 3-month subscription) 

  • Increases response limit to 500.
  • Builds on the Free Plan with unlimited results history and chat messaging but lacks deeper engagement tools and AI health reports. 

  • Pro Plan ($24 per month, 12-month subscription) 

  • Boosts responses to 2,500 monthly.
  • Includes Standard features with added user and license management but requires a long-term commitment. 

  • Enterprise Plan (Custom Pricing) 

  • Offers unlimited responses and comprehensive support.
  • Requires contacting for pricing details and still misses vital engagement and analysis features. 

When considering, it's essential to weigh the features and limitations of each plan against your team's needs. 

While Polly offers a range of functionalities across different price points, some essential features for enhancing team engagement, like AI health reports, personalized recognition, and rewards programs, may not be available in all plans. 

This overview should help you navigate's pricing and determine which plan might offer the best value for your team's specific requirements. vs Simple Poll: Which one is better? 

When deciding between Simple Poll and for your team's polling needs, it's like choosing between two good coffees. Each has its charm and minor drawbacks. Let's chat about them! 

  • Integration with Slack: Both blend into Slack like sugar in coffee. Simple Poll keeps it super straightforward, making polls part of the chat flow. also offers seamless Slack integration but adds a bit more flavor with time-saving and workflow-smoothing features.
User review of Polly on G2

  • Ease of Use: Simple Poll is praised for its no-fuss setup. Anyone can dive right in. Polly echoes this simplicity, but with an interface that's just as clear and a setup that's a breeze, adding a sprinkle of fun with trivia. 

  • Real-time Feedback: Here, Polly takes a slight lead. It shines with instant feedback, making decision-making lively and inclusive. Simple Poll, on the other hand, waits until the end to reveal results, which can be a pinch point for fast-paced teams. 

  • Customization and Versatility: Simple Poll serves up a basic menu of options, focusing on simplicity., however, offers more ways to tailor your polls, like adding custom answers for a personalized touch. 

  • Pricing and Additional Features: Some folks find Simple Poll's price hikes a bit hard to swallow, especially with its basic feature set., while not without its quirks, like a tricky setup for anonymous surveys, provides more detailed analytics and customization that might justify its cost. 

Attribute Performance

Simple Poll Performance

Better Option

Integration with Slack

Seamless, allows polls and feedback within Slack chats. Saves time and keeps workflow smooth.

Very integrated with Slack, enabling polls directly in chat conversations without needing another app.

Simple Poll

Real-time Feedback

Offers instant feedback, showing responses as they come. This makes decision-making lively and inclusive.

Waits to show poll results until the poll is closed, which might slow down fast decision-making.

Ease of Creating Polls

Clear interface and easy setup. Also, adds fun elements like trivia, enhancing employee engagement beyond simple polling.

Extremely easy to use with a straightforward design, ensuring anyone can create a poll quickly, focusing purely on polling simplicity.

Participation Encouragement

The simplicity and instant feedback could increase participation. Adding trivia makes participation more engaging and fun.

Its straightforward approach and integration within Slack might encourage more participation since it doesn’t disrupt the conversation flow.

Simple Poll

In essence, if you're after simplicity and don't mind waiting for poll results, Simple Poll is your cup of tea. But if instant feedback, customization, and a side of analytics sound more your taste, might be the better brew. 

Both tools have their place in the remote workspace, much like how some prefer their coffee black and others with a touch of milk.

#3. Geekbot: Simple Polls Best Alternative For Asynchronous Communication

Geekbot is a versatile team collaboration tool that can serve as an alternative to Simple Poll, especially for teams using Slack or Microsoft Teams. 

While it offers polling and survey capabilities like Simple Poll, Geekbot provides a broader range of features aimed at enhancing team communication, engagement, and productivity within these messaging platforms. 

Instead of just focusing on polls, Geekbot enables teams to automate various workflows and activities, such as daily standups, retrospectives, one-on-one meetings, and anonymous surveys. 

This comprehensive approach allows teams to streamline their processes and collaborate more effectively without relying solely on synchronous meetings.

Let me guide you through its essence and the perks of integrating it into your workplace.

Benefits of Using Geekbot in Your Workplace

Asynchronous Communication Capabilities: 

Geekbot enables asynchronous communication, allowing for standups, retrospectives, and polls to be conducted even when team members are not online simultaneously. 

This feature is particularly beneficial for teams distributed across various time zones, facilitating seamless collaboration.

Accessibility for Small Teams: 

The platform is free for teams of up to 10 participants, providing a cost-effective solution for startups or smaller teams looking to enhance their communication channels without incurring additional expenses.

Scalability for Larger Teams: 

For teams exceeding 10 monthly participants, Geekbot offers scalable pricing plans. This adaptability ensures that the tool can grow alongside your team, providing continued support without significant cost implications.

Polling and Feedback Features: 

Geekbot simplifies the process of creating and distributing polls, with options for anonymity to encourage genuine feedback. Whether seeking opinions on company events or gathering insights into team satisfaction, the tool facilitates easy collection and analysis of responses. 

Customizable Workflow Integration: 

The tool offers extensive customization options, allowing for tailored scheduling of polls and standups, personalized questions, and reminder settings. This level of customization ensures that Geekbot can be adapted to fit various workflow requirements, enhancing its utility across different team structures. 

AI-Driven Insights: 

Utilizing AI-driven language analysis, Geekbot can provide real-time insights into team dynamics, identifying progress, potential blockers, and overall morale. These insights can assist in making informed decisions and maintaining project momentum.

Global Time Zone Awareness: 

Geekbot is designed to accommodate global teams, with functionality to recognize and adjust for each team member's local time zone. This ensures that communications are timely and relevant for all participants, fostering inclusivity and participation.

In summary, Geekbot extends beyond the capabilities of a simple polling tool, offering features that support asynchronous communication, feedback gathering, and workflow customization. 

Its scalability and adaptability make it a potential asset for teams of various sizes and configurations, aiming to enhance communication and collaboration in a digital workspace. 

GeekBot Pricing 

When it comes to Geekbot pricing, it's tailored to fit different stages of business growth, with a clear focus on scalability and transparency. 

Here's how it breaks down: 

  • Start-up Plan

  • Cost: $0 for up to 10 participants. 
  • Features: This plan is ideal for smaller teams looking to streamline workflows like standups, surveys, and daily reports at no cost.
  • Limitations: It's limited to 10 participants, which might be restrictive for slightly larger teams. 

  • Scale-up Plan:

    some text
    • Cost: $3.00 per participant per month.
    • Features: Geared towards growing companies, it reduces managerial overhead for distributed teams and includes a free 30-day trial.
    • Considerations: The cost per participant means expenses can accumulate as your team expands, making it a potentially pricey option for larger groups. 

  • Enterprise Plan:

    some text
    • Pricing: Custom, requires contacting Geekbot for a quote.
    • Features: Tailored for established businesses and large teams, it aims to enhance productivity and maintain company culture with pricing that suits specific needs.
    • Note: The need for a custom quote indicates a more personalized service but also suggests that costs could be significantly higher based on your requirements.

Geekbot's pricing strategy emphasizes billing transparency, charging solely for active workflow participants. This approach ensures you only pay for what you genuinely use, with credits offered for any inactive participants. 

While this method can help manage costs effectively, keeping track of participant activity is essential to fully benefit from these savings. 

In essence, Geekbot offers a scalable pricing model that ranges from a free option for startups to variable pricing for larger enterprises. 

The free Start-up plan serves small teams well, but the Scale-up plan's per-participant cost might become burdensome as your team grows. 

The Enterprise plan provides customized solutions for large teams, though the potential high costs warrant consideration.

Geekbot vs Simple Poll: Which one is better? 

When comparing Simple Poll and Geekbot, a few common features emerge, particularly around polling and feedback within Slack workspaces. Here's a quick look at how each stacks up: 

  • Integration with Slack: Both tools shine in seamlessly integrating with Slack, allowing users to conduct polls and gather feedback directly in their channels. This integration makes it convenient for team members to participate without needing to switch apps. 

  • Ease of Use: Users find both Simple Poll and Geekbot easy to navigate, with intuitive interfaces that require no technical know-how to create polls or surveys. 

  • Polling and Feedback Features: Both platforms offer the ability to create polls, but Geekbot provides additional flexibility with more customizable options. Simple Poll is praised for its straightforward polling mechanism, though it may fall short for teams seeking more detailed insights. 

  • Scheduling and Notifications: Geekbot allows for more advanced scheduling of polls and standups, accommodating teams in different time zones. However, users have noted scheduling issues and notification delays, areas where Simple Poll's more straightforward approach may be less prone to complications. 

  • Cost and Accessibility for Teams: Simple Poll offers a straightforward pricing model, though some users have expressed concerns over cost increases. Geekbot, offering a free tier for smaller teams and scalable pricing for larger ones, might be more accessible initially but can become costly as the team grows. 

In essence, both Simple Poll and Geekbot provide valuable polling and feedback functionalities within Slack, each with its own set of strengths. Simple Poll's appeal lies in its simplicity and ease of use, ideal for straightforward polling needs. 


Simple Poll Performance

Geekbot Performance

Better Option

Integration with Slack

Integrates directly into Slack, allowing users to quickly create polls and surveys without leaving their conversation.

Also integrates with Slack, but extends functionality to include asynchronous communication for distributed teams.

Simple Poll

Ease of Use

Highly user-friendly, enabling quick poll setup without needing to navigate complex commands or interfaces.

Offers a range of customization options, which can add complexity but also allows for more tailored engagement.

Simple Poll

Customization and Flexibility

Offers basic poll types and anonymity options, but lacks deeper customization features.

Provides extensive customization, including personalized scheduling, AI-driven insights, and tailored questions.


Engagement and Feedback Collection

Known for high participation rates due to its simplicity and immediate presence in Slack chats.

Facilitates engagement through customizable reminders and asynchronous polling, but sometimes faces issues with notifications.

Simple Poll

In contrast, Geekbot offers more depth in scheduling and customization, suited for teams requiring more detailed asynchronous communication. The choice between the two largely depends on the specific needs and preferences of your team. 

Conclusion: Which One to Choose? 

In wrapping up our exploration of Simple Poll alternatives, we've ventured through the capabilities and offerings of Wrenly,, and Geekbot. 

Each brings its unique strengths to the table, aiming to enhance team engagement, feedback gathering, and overall communication. 

Here's a succinct summary to guide you: 

  • Wrenly emerges as the top contender for those seeking a broad platform that not only facilitates polls but also dives deep into employee engagement and culture enhancement. Its diverse range of features from feedback tools to recognition programs makes it an all-in-one solution for fostering a vibrant workplace environment. If you're ready to transform your team's interaction and recognition culture significantly, Wrenly is worth exploring. Begin with a free trial or visit the website to discover more. 

  • stands out for teams that value real-time feedback and engaging ways to gather insights. Its blend of simplicity with interactive elements like quizzes ensures high participation rates, making it a solid choice for lively and responsive team environments. 

  • Geekbot offers a robust option for distributed teams prioritizing asynchronous communication, with features that support not just polling but comprehensive workflow integrations. It's designed to keep teams connected and informed, regardless of their geographic spread. 

Choosing the right tool depends on your team's specific needs and goals: 

  • If enhancing team culture and engagement is your priority, Wrenly offers an extensive suite of tools that go beyond simple polling, including AI-driven insights, customizable recognition, and a comprehensive feedback system. 

  • For those seeking a balance between fun and functionality, provides a versatile platform that encourages participation and gathers instant feedback within familiar communication channels. 

  • And if your team operates across different time zones, requiring flexible scheduling and a wide array of integrations, Geekbot could be the ideal solution to keep everyone aligned and engaged. 

In essence, while Simple Poll serves its purpose within a narrow scope, alternatives like Wrenly,, and Geekbot extend the possibilities, offering richer, more interactive, and engaging ways to connect with your team. 

Embracing one of these alternatives could significantly elevate your team's engagement and feedback culture, turning routine polling into a dynamic tool for organizational growth and cohesion. 

Curious to see how these tools can revolutionize your team's communication and engagement? Start with Wrenly’s free trial or visit their website for a deep dive into features that promise to transform your workplace dynamics.

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