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Ali Khan
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December 14, 2023
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Post-Survey Employee Feedback Action Plan

Are you acting on the survey results?

Leaders worldwide are looking for new methods to raise employee engagement, and plenty of options exist. Do employees require wellness initiatives, flexible scheduling, or compensation-based incentives to be more productive? Do regular pulse surveys help or make engagement problems worse? Does your team feel more confident when giving anonymous feedback? 

You can't tell what will work with your staff until you analyze their current level of involvement. But before you can measure, you must first ask the appropriate questions. And until you have a clear strategy for gathering trustworthy insights and feedback you need rather than what employees think you want to hear and acting on them, you won't be able to ask the correct questions. Your engagement surveys will improve if you have a clear plan for acting on employee feedback. Identify the real engagement issue by asking the right questions, and let employees know what changes you are implementing.

Every company has a different culture. Therefore, every team has different approaches and opinions. Below you will find some valuable post-survey employee feedback action plans. 

Post-Survey Employee Feedback and Solutions

When giving feedback to employees, feedback can be tricky, and we understand that. You can get some interesting insights from employees' feedback without knowing that those issues even existed.

  • Compile a list of short questions targeting the problem

Incompletely written survey questions are frequently to blame for gaps, which is a fair reason why employees avoid filling them. The most frequent error is measuring job satisfaction rather than actual engagement through questions. By writing good questions, ensure your survey is focused on engagement rather than mere satisfaction. This is especially helpful when managers have concerns about prospective issues in a specific area. You can use psychologically based questions to determine the most pressing concerns by looking at the findings according to the team, tenure, location, and other factors.

  • Regular follow-up questions 

The main goal is to avoid the so-called “Zoom Fatigue” due to this, you can get unreliable feedback. Wrenly App offers a feature called Feedback Fridays. This way, your employees will be addressing the issues more efficiently; for example, let’s say that some of them lack information and need training in a particular field. After you understand that a specific group of people need training, you can follow up the next week with questions related to what fields they would be interested in attending to perform better at work. 

  • Acting upon the feedback

Employees get encouraged to always fill in the feedback with their responses when they see someone taking their answers seriously and making improvements based on their feedback. Acting upon your employee's feedback will encourage positivity within the workspace and boost employee morale and engagement. 

Share Results of Employee Action Plan

Your team will determine how you present the employee engagement survey results. Before having individual team meetings for a company-wide survey, you should distribute relevant data to all employees. You can share survey results with only the employees and teams participating in a smaller-scale survey. In either case, don't wait too long to share the results with the team because every day you wait weakens the value of the feedback. And always use averaged results to protect employees' privacy.

Keep in mind that many people learn best visually; therefore, sharing the survey's results is best done through a presentation. To show that HR and management take feedback seriously and read employees' feedback, your deck should include charts and graphs, especially comparison charts that show changes from previous surveys. You do not have to discuss every comment or piece of data in the survey. To create action plans around a few critical hotspots with your team, assess them wisely. Try not to manipulate the data in any way. Your staff can tell, affecting their opinions' trust and value.

Take Regular Anonymous Feedback 

Yearly surveys of employee engagement are not the most effective. Employees are worn out from providing feedback across 50 different questions and receiving little to no action in return, even though most people use "survey fatigue" as an excuse for only doing surveys once a year. By the time leadership demonstrates a response to an annual survey, it is almost time for the following annual study, and the feedback from the prior year is probably no longer applicable.

The good news is that companies are now starting to take notice. This indicates that more companies and workers are benefiting from a culture of constant listening, and your company needs to join them if you don't want to fall behind. For instance, you can frequently assess how well managers are serving employees' needs by conducting anonymous pulse surveys of employee engagement and then convey the results in a way that encourages rapid action.

Respond to Employee Feedback Using The Right Tools

Using Wrenly for slack will give you the perfect opportunity to gather anonymous feedback regularly and respond in real-time. You can always follow up through Wrenly. Either from leadership back to the team member or the team member back up to leadership. 

Do not just take our word for it; check out Wrenly

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