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July 19, 2024
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Pingboard Review: 250+ Real User Experiences & Pricing Summarized [In 5 Minutes]

Considering using Pingboard? Hold on a minute.

Before you decide, read this Pingboard review.

As an HR or team leader, you know how crucial it is to have the right tools for managing your team.

I've spent considerable time using Pingboard and exploring its features.

In this blog, I'll share my honest Pingboard review based on personal experience and extensive research.

You might wonder, "Is this just another sales pitch?" But I promise it's not.

I'll dive into what Pingboard offers and highlight the features users love.

We'll also cover the features that users find frustrating and why.

I’ll break down Pingboard pricing so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Is Pingboard worth it? We’ll explore that question in detail.

By the end, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of Pingboard and its alternatives.

So grab your coffee, settle in, and let's explore Pingboard together.

Let's get started!

What is Pingboard?


Acquired by workleap, Pingboard is the fun, easy way to keep employees connected, informed, and engaged. It's a virtual hub for distributed workforces.

It fosters meaningful connections among employees. Pingboard shows how people are connected through org charts, directories, and profiles.

It improves internal communications significantly. Pingboard centralizes sharing important dates, announcements, employee statuses, and more.

Pingboard offers onboarding checklists, survey templates, to-do lists, and data integrations.

  • All these features remove manual tasks.
  • They increase employee engagement.

Now that we know what Pingboard is, let's explore some of its features that users particularly appreciate.

Top 5 Pingboard features users like

Filter your chats on Pingboard

Interactive Org Chart

The interactive org chart visually displays the company's structure in a clear, understandable way. With just a glance, I can easily see who does what role and who reports to whom.

  • The org chart is fully interactive - I can click on employee profiles to learn more about their background and responsibilities.
  • It's super helpful for quickly getting the lay of the land, especially when joining a new company.
  • The org chart updates automatically as people join, leave, or switch teams. I never have to worry about outdated information.

Detailed Employee Directory

Pingboard's employee directory is stocked with detailed profiles on every team member. The profiles include photos, contact details, job titles/descriptions, and more. For companies with remote or hybrid employees, this directory is important.

  • It helps me put names to faces and learn about my colleagues' roles.
  • The search function lets me quickly find the right person for a project or question.
  • Employees can customize their profiles to share personal tidbits, helping build rapport.

Ease of Use

Creating, editing, and updating the org chart and directory is intuitive - it only takes a few clicks. There's virtually no learning curve.

Look what Cybil R, has to say about pingboard in her review:

Pingboard user review on G2
  • The simple interface means I don't waste time fiddling with complex features.
  • New hires can easily find their way around Pingboard from day one.
  • Overall, it just makes my workday easier and more efficient.

Internal Communication Hub

Pingboard centralizes all our company announcements, updates, and communication in one convenient place. No more digging through emails or chat channels - everything important is right there.

  • Leaders can quickly share need-to-know information with the entire company or specific teams.
  • Employees always know where to look for the latest news that impacts them.
  • It really helps strengthen our organizational alignment and keep everyone on the same page.

Integration with Other Tools

Pingboard integrates seamlessly with other HR systems and tools. This integration reduces manual tasks and keeps data up to date. I like that I don’t have to enter the same information multiple times. The seamless integration enhances the overall efficiency of HR workflows.

  • Reduces Manual Tasks: Automates data syncing between systems.
  • Keeps Data Current: Ensures that all information is always up to date.

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5 Pingboard Features Users Hate

Slow Customer Support ❌

Pingboard user review on G2

I have to admit, one of my biggest frustrations with Pingboard is the slow customer support. When issues come up with such a critical tool, I need help resolving them quickly. But all too often, I find myself waiting days or even weeks for a response from the support team.

  • Important processes and workflows grind to a halt while I twiddle my thumbs waiting for assistance.
  • It makes me question Pingboard's commitment to keeping users satisfied and productive.

Numerous Bugs ❌

Pingboard is sadly plagued by a number of persistent bugs that make it feel unpolished and unreliable at times. The Google Calendar integration is a prime example - it frequently fails to sync properly across Google Workspace domains.

No Support, Plenty of Bugs”~ Says Jerry Y (Director of a mid-sized tech company) in his review. 

Pingboard user review on G2
  • Users lost track of how many times they’ve had to manually enter events because the integration glitched out.
  • Other common bugs include incorrect data displaying on profiles, delayed updates to the org chart, and more.
  • These types of issues chip away at my confidence in the platform over time.

Lack of Undo Feature ❌

A major oversight in Pingboard's design is the complete lack of an undo or revision history feature. This means any accidental change I make is set in stone - there's no easy way to revert it.

"No "undo" or "previous version". You can lose all your work with a single wrong click." ~ says Adrian L. in his review.

Pingboard user review on G2
  • Having to completely recreate the work from scratch is extremely frustrating and time-consuming.
  • It's a huge risk factor that makes users hesitant to make updates unless absolutely necessary.

Complex Navigation ❌

Simply navigating and managing Pingboard's org chart can be a complicated, risky process at times. With a single inadvertent click while in admin mode, I could end up adding, deleting, or moving entire branches of the org structure.

  • The lack of safeguards makes it far too easy to make major unintended changes.
  • Undoing major navigation mistakes requires recreating large portions of the chart manually.
  • Overall, it lacks the user-friendly intuitiveness users expect from modern software.

Outdated Information ❌

Despite Pingboard's premise of keeping employee data current, I frequently find information in the system is woefully outdated. New hires, departures, role changes - they often aren't reflected accurately on profiles or the org chart.

  • It defeats the purpose of having a centralized employee database if the data is unreliable.
  • Inaccurate directories make it harder to find the right people and build connections across teams.

Pingboard Pricing & Plans

Pricing of Pingboard

Pingboard offers several pricing plans, each with different features and costs. Here’s a breakdown of what each plan includes:

  • Basic Plan: This plan costs $149 per month when paid annually. It includes essential features like the org chart, directories, calendar, and statuses. It covers 20 users, and additional users cost $3 per month. I find it quite limited for larger teams due to the extra user costs.

  • Essential Plan: Priced at $299 per month when paid annually, the Essential plan includes everything in the Basic plan plus extra features like Applause, reports and analytics, usage metrics, and Slack integration. It also offers onboarding checklists and automated data sync with SSO. This plan includes 50 users, with each additional user costing $5 per month. It feels expensive, especially for smaller companies.

  • Custom Pricing: If neither plan fits your needs, Pingboard offers custom pricing options. You can contact them to discuss a plan tailored to your specific requirements. This is helpful for unique needs but might lead to higher costs depending on the features and number of users required.

Overall, Pingboard’s pricing plans offer a range of features, but the costs can add up quickly, especially with additional user fees.

Pricing plan of pingboard

Is Pingboard Worth Investing for Employee Engagement?

As an honest [Pingboard review], I find it decent for employee engagement - but not outstanding. It has strengths but also notable weaknesses compared to alternatives.

Pingboard excels at visualizing org structures. The interactive chart provides transparency into reporting lines.

  • Employee profiles aid connecting names to roles/faces.
  • The communication hub centralizes company updates helpfully.

However, engagement features feel quite limited. There's no social feed or meaningful way to celebrate wins.

  • No pulse surveys to gather anonymous feedback.
  • Lackluster analytics insight into engagement drivers.

Outdated info and bugs undermine confidence. The Google Calendar integration frequently breaks, for instance.

Cost is another consideration versus alternatives. Pingboard's pricing can quickly become expensive for larger teams.

When evaluating Pingboard alternatives, Wrenly offers more comprehensive engagement capabilities at competitive costs.

  • Wrenly has robust surveys, polls, kudos, etc.
  • Its analytics provide deeper insights into engagement.
  • It centralizes objectives, goals, and progress updates.

While Pingboard suffices for basic org charting needs, it falls short holistically.

Personally, I think Wrenly better hits the mark. It covers the full engagement cycle compellingly.

  • Soliciting/acting on feedback in one place.
  • Building real connections through kudos, team posts, etc.
  • Visualizing progress to sustain motivation longer-term.

For an all-in-one engagement solution, Wrenly outshines Pingboard based on features, value, and purposeful design. But evaluate your priorities carefully - Pingboard could potentially meet basic needs sufficiently.

Wrenly: A Better Alternative to Employee Engagement Needs

Compared to Pingboard, Wrenly offers more comprehensive features designed to foster a positive work culture. 

You can use Wrenly with Slack or Microsoft Teams, whichever platform your team prefers.

Wrenly goes beyond basic surveys and directories. It provides tools for recognitions, rewards, and private suggestion boxes. This holistic approach makes it one of the top Pingboard alternatives.

  • Recognitions and Rewards: Wrenly has a built-in system for peer recognition and rewards. This boosts morale and motivation, something Pingboard lacks.
Suggestion boxes feature on
  • Private Suggestion Boxes: Wrenly allows for both private and public suggestions. This encourages honest feedback and open communication, unlike Pingboard's limited options.

Here’s a quick one-minute video explaining how Wrenly’s anonymous suggestion box works in Slack. 👇

How to use the Wrenly suggestion box

  • AI-Powered Reporting: One of Wrenly's standout features is its AI-driven reporting. It uses AI to analyze employee feedback, providing deep insights into company health and trends. Pingboard doesn’t offer this level of analysis.

  • Celebrating Milestones: Wrenly tracks birthdays and work anniversaries. It reminds leadership of these important dates, fostering a culture of recognition. Pingboard lacks this personalized celebration feature.

  • Secure Whistleblower Portal: Wrenly includes a secure portal for reporting sensitive issues confidentially. This supports a transparent and ethical workplace. Pingboard does not offer this feature.

When comparing Pingboard alternatives, it’s clear that Wrenly’s features are designed to cover all aspects of employee engagement. If you value a holistic approach to employee engagement, Wrenly is likely the better choice.

Here's a quick comparison to help you decide:

Features comparison of Pingboard vs Wrenly

This table shows that while Pingboard offers valuable tools for managing organization structures, Wrenly provides a more comprehensive suite for enhancing employee engagement.

Pingboard is suitable for:

  • Companies that primarily need a visual org chart and basic employee directory
  • Organizations with a smaller workforce and budget
  • Teams that don't require advanced engagement analytics or celebration tools

Wrenly is suitable for:

  • Companies wanting a comprehensive engagement solution
  • Organizations with a distributed/remote workforce
  • Teams that value anonymous feedback, recognition, goal tracking
  • Companies willing to invest more for an all-in-one engagement platform

In essence, Pingboard meets basic organizational charting needs. However, it lacks the depth required to truly drive engagement holistically.


Wrenly provides a richer suite of features tailored for fostering engagement long-term. From pulse surveys to kudos, OKR tracking, and AI-driven insights, it's designed for teams prioritizing cultural health.

So for small teams on tighter budgets just needing basic org chart visualization, Pingboard could suffice. But for driving real engagement through goal-setting, recognition, continuous feedback loops, etc., Wrenly is the superior choice.

But why take my word for it?

Try  for yourself and see the difference it can make in boosting employee morale and driving company success. 

Send your leadership a question or feedback anonymously!
You can read their response and reply back in a private thread

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