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March 15, 2024
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Best Funny Awards For Employees: [30+ Ideas]

Acknowledging employees is an essential aspect of the workplace. However, there are occasions when you might want to infuse some fun into the office and applaud the staff for their outlandish actions!

A fantastic technique to strengthen team relationships and lighten the strain is humor in employee funny awards routine. Employees should be given awards to acknowledge them for their performance.

These employee funny awards are given to acknowledge the efforts employees put into their work. They are proof that the company appreciates the efforts of employees.

This will motivate employees to perform better as they don't want to lose their awards. Funny employee awards also make employees feel special in the company as they will get recognized for their work.

Consider giving them employee award for one of their particular interests or hobbies if you are having trouble thinking of an award for someone who just doesn't get the comedy in things.

If you want your employees to be more productive, you should give them awards for a well-done job. Employee funny awards motivate employees and make them feel good about themselves and their work.

An employee award ceremony will make employees feel happy and satisfied with their work which is a good thing. Always talk to the receiver of an award before announcing it if you think it could make them feel uncomfortable.

That will allow them to stop it if they become too painful or quickly write a speech! It won't diminish the office's sense of fun and may prevent you from genuinely making an employee feel uncomfortable, and that is never a good situation for a team member.

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Employees don't need expensive gifts or cash prizes; just acknowledgment for a job well done will do.

When an employee sees a certificate or an award, he starts working harder to earn another. Employees get motivated and become more innovative when given awards for well-done work.

Awards also make employees feel special, making them more productive as they feel self-worth. This benefits the company as the employee will work hard to earn more rewards and recognition.

An employee feels their importance in the company when awarded, so he/she performs better at the job.

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Employee funny awards should not be given just like that, in an effortless matter because they should be given when an employee has done something great and worthy of recognition.

Awards also make employees feel special, making them more productive as they feel self-worth. This benefits the company as the employee will work hard to earn more rewards and recognition.

An employee feels their importance in the company when awarded, so he/she performs better at the job.

Awards should not be given just like that, in an effortless matter because they should be given when an employee has done something great and worthy of recognition.

You'll find fantastic, creative, and amusing suggestions for employee recognition in this blog post that your staff will like receiving! 

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The importance of awards in the workplace

Employee recognition is an important part of a successful workplace. It helps keep morale high, encourages engagement and productivity, and keeps turnover low.

Recognition and rewards are like kryptonite to employee apathy. There’s no better way to recognize stellar employee performance than through an award. Here’s why:

  • After the award ceremony, social media will be filled with the best photos
  • It’s a great chance to have some fun with your team
  • Awards make people happy
  • Awards build camaraderie and unity within the company

Why is having a company recognition program so important?

Employee recognition is an integral part of any good company culture. It’s also a big part of any successful organizational culture.

You can do many other things to create a positive workplace culture, but having a meaningful recognition program that best suits your team and organization is the starting point. Accomplished managers know the importance of employee recognition and rewards.

They care about their employees and don’t want them to feel unappreciated. A well-thought-out employee awards program is one great way to show this appreciation for your hard-working employees.

A recognition program can also help improve employee performance and bring overall happiness to your company. While building culture, employee recognition programs also help recruit top talent and retain employees.

This means better productivity, more satisfied customers, more profit for the business, and even more awards for your employees!

Preparation for Awarding Employees 

Remember that to reach this approach level, you already have some critical elements built into your company culture. Feel free to use your creative ideas too.

Make these awards feel some sort a breaking news event! When thinking about decorating personally the awards you can find everything you need in different stores, for instance dollar store is a good option to go and find small elements you might need.

Involve company values 

  • When creating funny employee awards, consider your company's culture. Make sure your awards reflect their achievements! Are you valued in your employees? Are you valued in your employees? What's the joke? Let's start with your business line.

Be thoughtful and careful

  • Your funny awards should entertain your employees, not embarrass them. Don't make fun of your employees' race, religion, sex, national origin, or anything similar.
  • Consider the quirky traits they are aware of and take lightly instead.  Keep an eye out, though.
  • Consider the temperament and sense of humor of each employee. Some employees might be more open to jokes than others if they often make jokes at their own expense.

Ask the team for ideas

  • Think of funny employee awards together with your employees. Send your office a list of funny employee awards as soon as you get one.
  • Ask your staff to cast votes on and nominate their coworkers. You can also request suggestions for other funny employee award categories from your staff. Make it a welcoming, enjoyable office culture!

Funny office and recognition awards for employees

Awards for Being Eager to Work or Leave

  • The Early Bird refers to a person who consistently arrives at work early.
  • The Late Award is given to someone who consistently has an excuse for being late.
  • Always knows when it's time for lunch or five o'clock in the evening.
  • It is 5:00 p.m. Somewhere: most eager to leave their jobs
  • Vampire Award: Most likely to arrive earliest and leave latest
  • The 4:00 pm Star: At 4 o'clock, still going strong when everyone else is struggling
  • The Night Owl Award is given for staying up late.
  • Racehorse Award: For consistently leaving the office at 5 before anyone else 
  • Running Out the Clock Award: Given to the person who is 18 months away from retiring
  • Hump Day Specialist: The person most enthusiastic about Wednesdays.
  • Party Planner - The one who always hosts party's.
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Funny office awards 

  • Standup King/Queen: Always has a joke appropriate for the circumstance
  • Best Pranks Trophy
  • Office Clown Award: This coworker makes everyone laugh with pranks or jokes.
  • Best Singer: We appreciate you constantly making our day!
  • The High School Musical Award goes to the student who is most likely to sing.
  • Probably to triumph in the Hunger Games
  • Peacocking Prize: Given to the most ostentatious

Funny Certificates for Employees

Recognizing your employees ultimately boosts office morale and keeps them motivated and engaged. What better way to do that than by awarding them with a hard copy award they’ll have as a memory from the office forever?

  • The office duck tape ( The one who fixes everything) 
  • Meeting lover (One who never misses a meeting) 
  • The party host (The one who plays music every day in the office) 
  • Bermuda Triangle (Person who has a mysterious desk and never returns anything)
  • Wordie Punny (The one who always has clever words and puns in their head)
  • The pen thief (The one who always borrows a pen but never seems to return them)
  • Snack attacker (Person who has a snack ready for any circumstance) 
  • Walking Coffee (The one who cannot imagine starting the morning without coffee) 
  • Always busy bee (The one who never has a moment of free time) 

Funny Awards for Remote Workers 

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Successful virtual teams are built via teamwork. However, it is much more crucial for remote employees to receive recognition from their employers.

Here are some engaging and funny awards that your remote team would enjoy. 

  • Muted Award: This humorous prize is given to the worker most likely to use a muted microphone. We've all done that occasionally.
  • The video call with the most frequent cuts in and out wins the Dodgy Connection Award. One of the funny awards this might be given to your staff members who work in remote areas.
  • Most capable of maintaining calm under pressure. One of the most fantastic prizes for employees is this laidback award.
  • The Night Owl Award is given for acting "active" during the oddest times of the night.
  • The winner of the Coolest Mug Award will probably have the best mug for a digital cup of coffee.
  • The marathon award Netflix edition is for the one who has seen everything on Netflix. This person never misses a show.
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Giving funny awards to employees conclusion

While it might sound like a no-brainer, having fun at the office can improve staff morale and overall employee engagement.

The best way to facilitate that is by regularly giving funny awards to employees.

For example, you could have in-house awards show dedicated to recognizing employees who have gone above and beyond their job descriptions or who have just had a hilarious and memorable moment.

If you feel more comfortable handing out more traditional awards and want to find funny gift ideas for the winners, head to our post on DIY gifts for employees.

Here, we’ve listed out some of the best employee gifts we’ve found so you can choose something that works for your company culture and situation.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to recognize your most deserving employees with a funny award or two. You’re sure to see some great results from all the extra goodwill!

A funny award like a “giving funny awards to employees” is a great way to bring a smile and laughter to employees while they’re at work.

First and foremost, when employees have a laugh, it is a good way to relieve stress.

This is very important in high-pressure and high-stress environments. Effective stress relief increases productivity, focus and creativity.

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Secondly, funny awards are just plain fun and lighthearted. As you give a funny award, announce the award and why it was given. This shows the recipient that the manager or your company values their contribution and that it is truly valued.

While this sounds silly, it is true. Research has shown that humor in the workplace can increase creativity, teamwork and overall employee satisfaction.

As you allow some time for laughter at work, you are allowing your employees to let go of the stressors of work life and focus on their work again with renewed energy.

Funny awards are also great equalizers because they allow every employee to contribute and win an award – no matter how small their contribution may seem.

Employees don’t need to feel that they are not as important or valued as other employees because they can all be awarded with a funny award – even if it’s just something small like lunch on your own dime!

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How to effectively integrate these funny awards into a formal recognition program?

Combining humor with formal recognition can be balanced by scheduling funny awards during less formal company meetings or events, ensuring they complement but don't overshadow serious accolades.

Transparency about the criteria and selection process can help integrate them smoothly.

#2. What are some tips for personalizing funny awards to match an employee's personality while ensuring they are well-received?

Personalization should be approached with sensitivity to individual preferences and company culture. Soliciting nominations from peers can offer insights into an employee's personality, ensuring the award is both humorous and appreciated.

#3. Are there any follow-up actions or programs recommended after awarding to maintain the positive momentum these awards might generate?

To maintain the positive momentum generated by funny awards, companies could establish a continuous recognition program that includes both humorous and serious acknowledgments.

Encouraging employee feedback on these initiatives can help tailor future efforts to the evolving company culture.

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