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December 18, 2023
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The Importance of Pre-Testing Your Survey: Best Practices

You want the right insights, and I want you to have the right insights, too. So let’s plan for it. Let’s ensure your survey is done right before it goes out. This guide will walk you through the essential steps of pre-testing your survey. You're not just getting answers, but you're getting the right ones, loud and clear. 

This crucial process helps pinpoint any areas where your survey might be tripping over its own feet, whether it's ambiguities, biases, or technical hitches. Wrenly is your backstage crew, ensuring everything runs smoothly, especially in familiar environments like Slack or Microsoft Teams. It's all about making survey creation less of a chore and more of a seamless, integrated experience. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and dive in

What is Pre-Testing Your Survey? 📊

Pre-testing a survey is exactly what it sounds like. At its core, pre-testing is about checking the waters before diving in. It’s like taking it a test drive before it hits the road.  It involves presenting the survey in its draft form to a select group of employees. This process is crucial for identifying any ambiguities, biases, or technical glitches that might skew the data or hinder the survey's effectiveness. It's not just about finding errors; it's an opportunity to refine your survey to such a degree that every question asked is clear, purposeful, and impactful.

Prominent groups all over the globe have started embracing this. This approach is what separates a good survey from a great one. It’s about taking that extra step to ensure that your survey is a true reflection of your company's commitment to its employees. We don’t want to waste employees' time with a survey that gets bad insights, we only want good insights. And planning ahead will help with this.

You want to ask the right questions in the right way, and pre-testing the survey with an audience will help. This is to ensure there are no issues and check if it is asking the right questions.

Pre-testing your survey is about making sure it's ready for the limelight. It's ensuring that when you ask, 'Hey, how's it going?', your survey actually captures the real deal – no echoes, no distortions, just the genuine voice of your team.

Wrenly AI Assistant 💯

If you are creating a survey by hand or AI, a pre-testing is always needed. But you may be able to save a ton of time using Wrenly’s AI Assistant. Wrenly is built into Slack or Microsoft Teams and offers anonymous surveys. ⌛️

For creating questions, Wrenly has a tool for that. Get ready to wave goodbye to those head-scratching moments of survey creation, because the Wrenly AI Assistant is ready to help. Think of it as your clever, always-on-call buddy, ready to jump in whenneed it. Wrenly's got your back. This AI Assistant will plan questions for you. It will analyze feedback and prep questions. It’s a major help. And, you know what, it’s easy to use as well. 

But Why Pre-Test? 📖

Pre-testing your surveys is like having a sneak peek into how your audience will react to your questions. It's your chance to catch those tricky questions that might leave your respondents scratching their heads. You know, the ones that seem clear as day to you but might as well be written in ancient hieroglyphs to others. Pre-testing shines a light on these ambiguities, letting you tweak them into clarity.

It's not just about making questions clearer. Pre-testing is your secret weapon in making sure your survey doesn’t accidentally nudge responses in a certain direction. We've all seen those surveys that scream 'Please agree with me!', albeit unintentionally. By pre-testing, you get to sidestep these biases, ensuring your survey is as fair and balanced as a tightrope walker.

It's like a rehearsal where you can spot and fix any technical hiccups – be it a link that leads nowhere, a button that doesn’t click, or a format that goes haywire on mobile screens. This way, when your survey goes live. It runs smoother than a well-oiled machine, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your respondents.

How Many People Do I Need? 

Well, there's no one-size-fits-all answer, but a good rule of thumb is to aim for a group that's large enough to unearth those pesky hidden issues, yet small enough to manage. Typically, a troupe of about 5-10% of your total survey audience should do the trick. 

You want a mix of people that mirrors the kaleidoscope of your entire workforce. This means bringing in folks from different departments, levels of seniority, and backgrounds. You want the test group to mirror what the final group will be. 

Because you want your pre-test to be a rehearsal that's as close to the real deal as possible, you're looking for feedback that's rich, varied, and insightful. This way, when your survey finally hits the main stage, it resonates with the entire audience, capturing the nuances of their experiences and opinions in perfect pitch.

What Kind of Feedback Am I Looking For?

Remember, pre-testing is your opportunity to fine-tune your survey. It's about making sure that when it's time for the main event, your survey is clear, unbiased, engaging, functional, and just the right length. 

Questions Issues 📝

Firstly, look out for any unclear or confusing questions. This is feedback that indicates your respondents aren't quite sure what you're asking. The solution? Simplify and clarify your language. Make sure each question is straightforward to understand.

Then, there's the issue of bias. If your pre-testers feel that certain questions are leading them toward a specific answer, that's a red flag. To fix this, you need to reword your questions to be as neutral as possible. The goal is to gather honest, unbiased responses.

Feedback on engagement levels is also crucial. If your pre-testers find the survey dull or too long, they might not complete it, or their responses might lack thought. Keep your survey concise and to the point, and consider breaking up longer surveys into more digestible sections.

Also, check for any questions that seem to be consistently skipped or misunderstood. This could mean the question is either not relevant or too complicated. Rework or remove these questions to ensure you're gathering useful data.

Tech Issues 💻

Technical issues are also on the radar. Maybe a question doesn't display correctly, or a respondent can't submit their answer. These problems need technical fixes, like adjusting the survey format or checking compatibility with different devices and browsers.

If you are using Wrenly, this factor will be simplified. These surveys are done where people are already working, right on Slack and Microsoft Teams. So it’ll work for them. Rather than jumping through multiple screens and browsers, let Wrenly help you keep it simple.

How to Prep for the Pre-Test

Prepping for the pre-test might feel like you're taking a few steps back, but hey, it's all about making sure everything's just right. Think of it as getting your survey dressed up and ready to shine under the spotlight. We're not just aiming for good here; we're aiming for a smooth, engaging, and oh-so-effective survey that everyone enjoys being a part of.

So, you're gearing up for the survey pre-test – exciting times ahead! Take a moment to ponder over your survey’s goals and envision what a home-run outcome would look like. It's a smart move to dissect your survey into its core elements and figure out which parts to put through the pre-test paces and how to go about it.

Best Practises  🚀

Let’s talk strategy! Your introduction should be as clear as a sunny day, outlining the aim and scope of your research. And remember, informed consent from respondents isn’t just nice to have; it’s a must-have. As for the survey platform, think 'smooth sailing' – it should run as seamlessly as Wrenly does.

Keep your survey as snappy and engaging as a good chat – too long or demanding, and you might lose your audience’s interest. We want to keep them hooked from start to finish. The questions should dance from one to the next in a logical sequence, making sure we don’t accidentally nudge people toward any biases.

And for the finale – establish a clear process for sprucing up the data you collect. Whether it’s graphical wizardry or statistical acrobatics, ensure that your data analysis is as reliable and repeatable as Wrenly’s top-notch performance.

Final Thoughts

Here's where Wrenly truly shines. Offering seamless integration within Slack, this tool is a powerhouse of AI-driven insights and suggestions, complete with autopilot features that streamline the survey creation process. Imagine having a tool that not only assists in crafting questions but also intuitively understands the pulse of your team.

The beauty of Wrenly lies in its accessibility and user-friendliness. Try Wrenly for free today. This no-commitment trial is the perfect chance to dip your toes into its capabilities and experience firsthand how it can enhance team engagement.

While pre-testing your survey is grounded in thoroughness and precision, tools like Wrenly bring a level of innovation that can elevate your surveying experience. Wrenly doesn't just simplify the survey process; it transforms it into an insightful journey.

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