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May 14, 2024
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In-depth Matter Slack Reviews: Is it worth App for Employee recognition in 2024?

Is Matter the magic bullet for building a high-performing team? 

We've all seen the ads: seamless recognition, boosted morale, and a thriving office culture – all thanks to Matter. 

But before you hit "buy now," let's examine what real users are saying. 

We scoured over 50 Matter reviews to know its strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between.

Is it all "Kudos" and "Celebrations," or are there hidden drawbacks? 

We'll explore its features and pricing plans and even suggest an alternative. 

So grab a coffee because we're about to dissect Matter and see if it lives up to the hype.

So, What is Matter? 


Matter is a digital tool designed to enhance teamwork and collaboration within organizations. 

It provides features such as recognizing and rewarding team members for their contributions, facilitating feedback exchange among teammates, reminding users of important dates like work and birthday anniversaries, conducting surveys to gather team opinions, and offering analytics to track team performance. 

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Overall, it aims to foster a positive work environment by promoting communication, recognition, and engagement among team members.

Now that we know what matter is, let’s know what features it offers. 

Features Explained: A Detailed Matter Review

Here are the features Matter offers: 

  • Say Thanks (Kudos): 

It lets you easily recognize teammates for their contributions. 

Just like a virtual high five, you can send a "Kudos" to acknowledge a job well done and boost team morale.

  • Get Rewarded (Rewards): 

Matter goes beyond saying thanks! You earn points for completing tasks or achieving goals. 

These points can be redeemed for various rewards chosen by your company, such as gift cards, company swag, or charitable donations.

  • Give Feedback (Feedback Friday):  

Sometimes, constructive criticism is the best way to improve. It encourages a healthy feedback culture by reminding you to share thoughts with teammates every Friday (or a designated day). 

This helps everyone learn from each other and grow professionally.

  • Remember Birthdays (Celebrations):

 No more scrambling to remember work or birthdays and anniversaries! Matter keeps track of important dates for your team members so you can ensure everyone feels valued and celebrated.

  • Ask for Answers (Surveys): 

Need quick input from your team? It allows you to create short, targeted surveys (polls) to gather everyone's opinion on a specific issue. 

This is a fast and efficient way to make decisions or gauge team sentiment.

  • See How You're Doing (Analytics): 

Matter doesn't just collect information; it turns it into insights! By tracking all the "Kudos," feedback, and activity within the team provides data that visualizes how well your team collaborates. 

This helps everyone understand their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

The features Matter offers are now clear, but what is the cost?

Matter Pricing Explained

Pricing of matter

Free Plan:

  • Enjoy unlimited users, Feedback Friday reminders, and automated celebrations for birthdays and work anniversaries with their free plan, which includes 9 default kudos templates.

Pro Plan:

  • For $3 per user per month ($30/month billed annually), get unlimited kudos, custom company values, gift card rewards, advanced analytics, private feedback, and more.

Surveys Add-On:

  • Enhance your Pro plan for an additional $2 per user per month. Access eNPS surveys, custom surveys, templates, and automated surveys in Slack.

Free 30-Day Trial:

  • Test all features risk-free for 30 days. No credit card is required. Ideal for teams of 10.

Let's look at Matter reviews now, here are the top features users enjoy.

5 Things Users Liked About Matter

Here’s an explanation of how Matter can benefit your team in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

Seamless Teamwork with Slack Integration:

Forget switching between apps! 

It integrates smoothly with Slack, the platform your team already uses. 

This means celebrating wins, sharing feedback, and staying connected all happen within the familiar Slack interface.

Personalized Rewards that Make Recognition Meaningful:

Matter goes beyond generic rewards. You can customize them to fit your company culture or even individual team preferences. Imagine rewarding someone with their favorite coffee for a great project! 

This personalization makes recognition more impactful and keeps employees motivated.

Simple to Use, Easy to Adopt:

user review of matter on G2

Matter is designed to be user-friendly. Whether it's giving feedback, praising a teammate, or redeeming rewards, the interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. 

This simplicity encourages everyone in your organization to use it regularly, making it a valuable tool for the entire team.

Improved Communication and Recognition:

It goes beyond a rewards platform. It fosters better communication and recognition among colleagues. 

Sharing project updates and acknowledging contributions becomes effortless. 

This creates a culture of appreciation and accountability, ultimately strengthening team spirit and morale.

Building a Positive Work Environment:

It can significantly shape a positive office culture. 

With features like peer-to-peer recognition and celebrating both big and small achievements, Matter creates a sense of community and belonging. 

This, combined with its user-friendliness and variety of features, leads to a more supportive work environment where employees feel valued and motivated to succeed.

Now let’s move on to where it falls short in this matter review article. 

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5 Things You Should Think Before Buying Matter

This Matter review dives into areas where the platform could improve to provide a more user-friendly and customizable experience.

Limited branding options:  

user review of matter on G2

This section points out that it doesn't offer a "white label" option, making it difficult to fully customize the platform to match your company's branding. 

This could be a drawback for companies that want a more seamless integration with their internal environment.

Cumbersome redemption process:  

This section highlights the complexity of redeeming rewards or points within Matter.

 An ideal scenario would be a smoother and more user-friendly process to enhance the overall experience.

Lack of diverse Kudos options:  

user review of matter on G2

"Kudos" seem to be a way to appreciate colleagues within Matter. 

The current options for giving Kudos are limited and could benefit from more variety and creativity, making the act of expressing gratitude more engaging.

Limited charity choices:  

This section points out that there aren't many charities to donate to through Matter. 

Offering a wider selection of charitable organizations would allow users to donate to causes they care more about, making the donation process more meaningful.

Repetitive automated features:  

user review of matter on G2

The review suggests that some automated features, like "feedback Friday," can become repetitive and predictable. 

Introducing more variety and occasional surprises could keep users engaged and interested in the platform for a longer period.

Alright, so we've seen that Matter has its limits. Now, let's discuss why you might want to consider an alternative. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Matter Alternative

  • Matter does not offer extensive branding and visual customization options, so one must go for an alternative that allows aligning the platform with the company's unique brand identity.
  • Its rewards redemption process is overly complex, so an alternative with a more streamlined and user-friendly approach must be considered.
  • It lacks diverse and innovative ways to recognize and appreciate employees, so alternatives with a broader range of creative recognition features must be explored.
  • It provides a narrow selection of charitable organizations, so one must opt for an alternative supporting a wider range of philanthropic causes important to the organization.
  • Its features may become stale over time, so one must choose an alternative that frequently introduces fresh and exciting updates to maintain user engagement.
  • It does not have robust mechanisms for comprehensive employee feedback, so one must seek alternatives with features like suggestion boxes for anonymous input.
  • It primarily focuses on recognition and rewards, so one must consider an all-in-one alternative encompassing surveys, onboarding, whistleblowing, and more.
  • It does not leverage advanced AI analytics, so one must adopt an alternative offering AI-driven insights into productivity, satisfaction, and sentiment.
  • Its survey capabilities may be inflexible, so one must find an alternative with customizable survey options tailored to specific organizational needs.
  • It lacks secure whistleblower channels, so one must implement an alternative providing confidential reporting mechanisms for ethical transparency.

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#1 Alternative to Matter - The One-Stop Solution for Employee Engagement. 

alternative to Matter-Wrenly

Wrenly is a comprehensive employee engagement platform designed to simplify and centralize feedback, recognition, and team communication.  

It integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, making it an intuitive and accessible tool for everyone in your organization.

While platforms like Matter offer a step in the right direction by fostering recognition and encouraging feedback, they often fall short in key areas.  

Limited customization options, cumbersome reward systems, and a lack of in-depth insights can hinder their effectiveness.  

This fragmented approach can leave employees feeling disconnected and disengaged.

That's where Wrenly comes in.  

Wrenly goes beyond basic recognition and feedback by offering a suite of features that address the root causes of low engagement.  

Let's explore how Wrenly tackles the limitations of Matter and empowers you to build a truly thriving team environment.

Matter vs. Wrenly. Which is better? 


  • Matter: Primarily focuses on recognition and rewards with basic surveys and celebrations.
  • Wrenly: A comprehensive feedback and culture platform encompassing everything Matter offers, plus features like suggestion boxes, onboarding surveys, and a secure whistleblower portal.


  • Matter: Offers a user-friendly interface for sending kudos, setting up rewards, and basic surveys.
  • Wrenly: Provides deeper functionality with advanced survey options, AI-powered reports, and trend analysis, and anonymous feedback channels.

Target Audience:

  • Matter: Ideal for teams seeking a straightforward solution for recognition and light feedback.
  • Wrenly: Caters to leadership and people teams who require a comprehensive platform for managing all aspects of employee engagement.


  • Matter: $3 per user per month (with a yearly discount)
  • Wrenly: $4 per user per month (with an annual discount)

Additional Considerations:

  • Wrenly leverages AI to analyze employee sentiment and provide actionable insights.
  • Wrenly offers secure channels for anonymous feedback and whistleblowing.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific needs.

  • If recognition and basic surveys suffice, Matter might be a good fit.
  • For a more robust platform that fosters deeper employee engagement through multi-faceted feedback channels and AI-driven insights, Wrenly emerges as the stronger contender.

Final Say on Matter Review

Employee engagement isn't just about feel-good perks and virtual high-fives. It's a strategic investment with a measurable return. Here's the truth:

Highly engaged teams are 21% more productive, experience 40% lower turnover, and boast 59% higher profitability.

So, how do you unlock this hidden ROI?

While Matter provides a starting point, Wrenly offers a data-driven approach. Imagine using Wrenly's AI to identify pockets of disengagement within your team. 

Then, you can target these areas with specific initiatives, measure the impact, and refine your strategy for continuous improvement.

Wrenly isn't just a cost; it's an investment. The return comes in the form of a happier, more productive workforce and a significant boost to your bottom line.

So, prepare your team to reach its full potential.

Start your free Wrenly trial today and see how a data-driven engagement platform can transform your workplace culture and supercharge your business.

P.S. Remember, Wrenly offers customizable solutions at a competitive price, making it the smarter choice for maximizing your ROI.

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