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March 6, 2024
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In-Depth Kudoboard Review & Pricing: [10 Factors to help you decide]

Do you ever feel like you're behind on recognizing your team? It's so important, but choosing the right digital tools can be overwhelming. 

I've tried platforms that seemed full of potential upfront, only to find myself battling clunky workflows or exceeding budgets once those celebration notifications started piling up.

But celebrating achievements together fuels performance, right? We can't just skip the high fives when Chloe rocks a big launch or James marks a 5-year work anniversary. 

Recently, I tested out Kudoboard since it lets you create group e-cards easily. Seemed like a quick win for employee recognition. 

While it worked fine, as I evaluated solutions focused on boosting team spirit, some limitations around pricing and accessibility stood out that made me question if Kudoboard is the best choice long term, especially with slim budgets.

My goal is to help other leaders looking to simplify peer appreciation avoid the tiresome trial and error process. 

In this Kudoboard review, I'll share transparent insights on

  • Kudoboard's capabilities based on firsthand experience,
  • who it works best for
  • which needs it may not fully address, and 
  • whether free alternatives exist that offer similar impact without the costs.

If discovering efficient, budget-conscious ways to celebrate your team resonates with you, let's dive in this Kudoboard review together. 😊 

What is Kudoboard?

Kudoboard is an online employee engagement platform. It is for making e-cards, digital rewards, employee recognition, etc.

It makes it easy for teams to celebrate people and foster a culture of recognition. 

With just a few clicks, managers can use Kudoboard to:

  • Automate milestone ecards for birthdays, work anniversaries
  • Create digital certificates to recognize top talent
  • Welcome new hires with onboarding cards
  • Spread peer appreciation with public shoutouts
  • Bring remote teams together with group cards
Kudoboard Demo Mode Screen
Source: Kudoboard

Now, let's dive into how Kudoboard becomes useful for different teams in an organization, making recognition seamless. 

  • First up, HR teams- Why? Because it simplifies the way they can spark peer recognition and run campaigns. These campaigns help hammer those core company values. 
  • People Ops use Kudoboard for setting up scalable and automated recognition programs.
  • Comms and Marketing tap into Kudoboard for celebrating milestones and diversity.
  • Office Managers can ditch paper and use Kudoboard for digital employee shout-outs!
  • Recruiting and Talent Management use it to create personalized welcomes and celebrate anniversaries.

Now, let’s get down to business. In the next section, we’ll breakdown the customer reviews for Kudoboard. 

And for your convenience, I’ve put together the pros and cons of Kudoboard in a table down below. 

Top 5 Pros and Cons Of Using Kudoboard

5 Things Customer Liked About Kudoboard

The five most praised features mentioned in Kudoboard reviews are:

Ease of Use: 

  1. They have a streamlined process for creating boards, requiring no advanced technical skills.
  2. And their user-friendly interface enables effortless navigation and board management.
  3. While some Kudoboard reviews find it complex, others praise its simplicity.
screenshot of customer review on G2
Source: G2

Convenience for Remote Teams: 

  1. You can enable team members across various locations to participate equally in celebrations.
  2. It also strengthens team bonds by making group celebrations accessible to all, regardless of location.

Variety of Options for Personalization

  1. It has a wide selection of templates catered to different tastes and occasions.
  2. You can even incorporate personal photos and memes to make each board unique and heartfelt.
Screenshot of customer review on G2
Source: G2

Flexible Contribution and Delivery

  1. It also allows multiple people to contribute to a single board, facilitating group involvement.
  2. Scheduled delivery features help in planning ahead for special events.
  3. The contributors, then, can sign the board at their convenience, removing the pressure of coordination.
Screenshot of customer review on G2
Source: G2

Engagement and Morale Boosting

  1. It also acts as a tool for recognizing individual milestones, contributing to a positive workplace culture. 
  2. And even encourages peer-to-peer appreciation, enhancing team spirit. 
  3. You can also revisit the positive feedback and memories. 

Kudoboard goes beyond basic recognition with thoughtful features for digital celebrations.

And now for the things that Kudoboard lacks in. 

5 Things Customers Disliked About Kudoboard

According to Kudoboard reviews, some of the reported drawbacks include:

Pricing Concerns:

Let's talk about money. It feels like Kudoboard's pricing suddenly shot up, doesn't it? Remember when we could use it for free? Now, it's all pay-to-play. And there is feedback that the cost does not always match the perceived value, especially for small businesses or teams.

screenshot of customer review on Capterra
Source: Capterra

And there are multiple people facing the same issue.

Screenshot of customer review on Capterra
Source: Capterra

And they also just stopped having a free version, leaving some customers like this one ⬇️, high and dry. 

Screenshot of customer review on Capterra
Source: Capterra

Customization Limitations

Reviewers wish for more background choices to match different celebration themes. Users are asking for more regular updates to the library of GIFs and templates.

Complexity in Features

Some reviewers find the QR code feature confusing to use. This can make using Kudoboard overall less smooth. 

screenshot of user review on G2
Source: G2

Notification and Reminder System:

There's feedback suggesting the need for a better notification system, such as alerts when approaching the post limit or reminders for upcoming events. 

Source: G2

Un-Ease of Access for Posting

Lastly, the whole 'sign up before you shout out' routine – not a fan. The login requirement for contributors to post on a board is seen as an unnecessary step. Users would enjoy a guest posting feature to simplify the contribution process.

Screenshot of Kudoboard customer review

Let's chat about Kudoboard's pricing for a second, because I think you should know what you're getting into.

Kudoboard Pricing

Kudoboard has four pricing plans, let’s see what they’re about:

Lite Board - $5.99/Board:

  • You get to have 20 posts max.
  • And you can add messages, photos, and GIFs.
  • You can collect a group gift card.

Premium Board - $8.99/Board:

  • This one lets 100 people join in.
  • Includes everything from the Lite Board.
  • Plus, you can add video posts and download the board.

Milestone Board - $19.99/Board:

  • No limit on how many posts you can have.
  • You can customize your background.
  • And yes, you can turn it into a slideshow.

Reasons to reconsider:

  • Custom backgrounds are a nice touch, but does it justify the price?
  • Slideshows are cool, but there are free tools out there that do the same.


  1. Free plan: With up to 10 posts, and you can have your own personalized URL. You can also make a Slideshow and it allows multiple admins. 
  2. $99/Board: This is for unlimited posts to remember someone dearly departed.

Why this might not be for you:

  • A $99 price tag is steep, especially when you're also dealing with the emotions of loss.
  • It's a one-time board, and the cost doesn't offer ongoing support.
Kudoboard memorial pricing plan
Source: Kudoboard

Then, there are also prices curated for larger companies, and they are discussed below:

Premium package: Price: $189/year for 50 Boards

Cost Per Board: Originally $8.99, now $3.78

Features: Offers 50 boards with up to 100 posts per board, message/photo/GIF/video addition, but limits to a single board creator.

My Two Cents: They say you're saving over $250, but if you're in for more collaborative flair or have a larger crowd to please, this might feel a tad limiting.

Business plan: Price: $299/year for 1-50 colleagues

Features: Inherits Premium features plus unlimited boards & posts for up to 50 colleagues, multiple creators, custom branding, added access controls, moderation, embeddable content, analytics, and integrations with Slack and Teams.

My critique: Great for workplace kudos, but the jump in price? Hmm. It's perfect if you're actually using all those bells and whistles. At $300, the plan might be pricey for small teams, especially if they wouldn't use all the features. 

Enterprise plan: Price: Custom pricing for 501+ colleagues

Features: Builds on the Business plan with unlimited boards & posts for 501+ colleagues, bulk creation, dedicated account management, and Single Sign-On (SSO).

Here’s the deal, custom pricing – sounds fancy but could also mean a hefty invoice that makes finance departments twitchy. Sure, the bespoke service and scalability sound appealing, but without clear upfront costs, you might wonder if this could deter potential customers.  

Kudoboard pricing plan multiple boards
Source: Kudoboard

When you've got a big event, Kudoboard asks you to contact them, which means custom pricing. And let me tell you, that's code for "more expensive than you thought."

  • Why you might pass on this:
  • "Custom" usually means you'll be spending a lot more than the listed prices.
  • For a large event, there are other ways to celebrate without breaking the bank.
  • You should keep it simple, so everyone can focus on the event, not the cost.

In my honest opinion, while Kudoboard offers some neat features, for small to medium businesses or agencies, the costs can add up and there are plenty of creative, cost-effective ways to show appreciation without the hefty price tag.

How to create a Kudoboard?

Kudoboard offers a fantastic way to send personalized group e-cards for any occasion, making it easier for you to express your sentiments.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, offering congratulations, saying farewell, expressing thanks, or welcoming someone new, here's how you can create a meaningful Kudoboard:

Step 1: Set Up Your Board

  • Choose Your Occasion: Start by picking the occasion for your e-card. Kudoboard caters to a variety of events, ensuring there's something for every milestone.

  • Add Recipients: Enter the name(s) of the person(s) you're celebrating. You can choose multiple recipients, making it ideal for group celebrations.

  • Name Your Board: Finish this step by giving your Kudoboard a title that reflects the occasion or your feelings, adding a personal touch from the outset.
Screenshot of setting up board in Kudoboard

Step 2: Choose Your Board Type

  • Decide on Contributor Type: If your Kudoboard is a group effort, select the multi-post option. If it's a personal message from you, choose the single-post option.

  • Option for a Gift Card: Kudoboard lets you collect contributions for a gift card directly through the platform, adding an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your gesture.

  • Example for This Guide: For simplicity, let's proceed with the single contributor option, focusing on creating a personalized experience.
Screenshot of selecting board type for our kudoboard

Step 3: Personalize Your Kudoboard

  • Customization Features: This is where you bring your vision to life. Kudoboard offers a variety of customization options, including changing the background color, adding images, GIFs, and videos, making your card unique.

  • Preview Before Sending: Use the preview feature to ensure everything looks just right before you send off your Kudoboard, ensuring your message is perfect.
Personalizing Kudoboard using GIF's

Step 4: Share Your Kudoboard

  • Easy Integration: Kudoboard integrates with popular workplace platforms like Slack and Teams, making it easy for you to share your e-card in a professional setting.

  • Other Sharing Options: Besides workplace integrations, you can share your Kudoboard via a direct link, Facebook, and LinkedIn, ensuring it reaches your intended recipient(s) through the most convenient channel.
sharing Kudoboard via link

By following these steps, you'll be able to create a Kudoboard that not only communicates your message effectively but also deepens connections, no matter the distance. You can see the Kudoboard I created live

Kudoboard Integration:

Kudoboard allows you to integrate with Slack and Microsoft Teams, which is only available on Business or Enterprise plans (typically starts at $189/yr for 50 boards). These integrations enables:

  • Invitations: You can invite contributors to post on your group cards from Slack or Teams.
  • Delivery Scheduling: You can schedule the delivery of your boards for special occasions, either through direct messages or channels.
  • Tagging: You can mention colleagues in your posts to ensure they see your message.

Slack Integration:

Access your Admin Panel > Integrations > Connect Slack.

  • Invite Contributors: From the board, click "Invite Contributors," select Slack, and choose your invitation method.
  • Schedule Delivery & Tagging: Use the "Schedule Delivery" feature or tag colleagues directly in your posts.

Microsoft Teams Integration: 

Add your Teams' owner as an org admin, then go to Admin Panel > Integrations > Connect Teams.

  • Invite Contributors & Delivery: Similar steps as Slack, with options for direct messages or channel deliveries.
  • Tagging: Tag colleagues in your posts for direct notifications.

These integrations facilitate a smooth and efficient way to collaborate and celebrate with your team, ensuring no one misses out on important group cards and messages.

Let’s take a detour and recap what we have learned about Kudoboard so far. 

Kudoboard Review: Is it worth investing? 

After closely examining Kudoboard's features and capabilities, is it ultimately worth buying for your employee recognition needs? Let's recap key factors to consider:

  • Pricing: Kudoboard's pricing can add up quickly, especially for small teams or those requiring multiple boards. While features expand across tiers, free or lower-cost alternative solutions likely Wrenly exist. Leaders should align benefits to costs.
  • Personalization: With diverse templates and customization tools, Kudoboard enables personalized group cards for occasions. For teams that highly value customized digital recognition, this is a differentiator.
  • Integration: Slack and Microsoft Teams integration simplifies sharing and engagement. For organizations reliant on these platforms, integration can simplify the process of sharing recognitions and increase engagement among your team members. 
  • Media Capabilities(Image, GIFs, and Videos): Support for images, GIFs and videos allows for multimedia employee recognition. If you aim to boost engagement through dynamic cards, the rich media features deliver. 
  • AI Assistance: Kudoboard doesn't offer AI writing itself. Those seeking automated content personalization may need to explore additional solutions.

Ultimately, the value boils down to your culture, objectives and constraints. While Kudoboard excels in simplicity, some Kudoboard reviews suggest they may not align to their budget limitations. 

Also assess whether seamless customized cards justify the recurring spend compared to free tools.

If approach, integration and rich media do outweigh costs for your needs, Kudoboard solidifies connections.

After taking a closer look at Kudoboard, it's clear that while it has its charms for celebrating milestones and expressing gratitude in the digital age, there are some hitches that might leave you wanting.

Don't worry, though. We're about to switch gears and introduce an alternative that could be just what you're looking for.

An option that's not only easier on your wallet (very easy if I might add) but also more flexible and straightforward. 

Wrenly: Kudoboard Free Alternative to Employee Recognition

When considering tools for employee recognition and group celebrations, budget constraints often guide our choices.

If Kudoboard's pricing seems steep for your team or organization, it's worth exploring free alternatives that offer similar, if not more, functionalities. Here’s an example

Wrenly recognition board
Wrenly recognition board

Wrenly stands out as a compelling option. Here's why:

1. Comprehensive Features at No Cost

Wrenly brings you a suite of features that rivals Kudoboard, all for free. Whether it's celebrating work anniversaries, birthdays, or team achievements, Wrenly has you covered. 

What sets Wrenly apart?

  • AI-Driven Insights: Wrenly uses artificial intelligence to generate reports and health scores automatically, making it easier for you to understand trends and highlight successes.
Wrenly employee recognition insights
Source: Wrenly
  • Seamless Slack & Teams Integration: With Wrenly, you can integrate recognition into your daily workflow through Slack & Teams, fostering real-time feedback and a vibrant culture of appreciation.

2. Boost Employee Engagement Without Breaking the Bank

Wrenly is designed to enhance your workplace culture without any financial implications.

It encourages anonymous feedback, celebrates team members' achievements, and integrates smoothly with tools like Slack, ensuring everyone can participate effortlessly.

Here's how Wrenly enriches your team dynamics compared to Kudoboard:

  • Recognition and Celebrations: Like Kudoboard, Wrenly lets you acknowledge and celebrate key moments and achievements, but without any cost. 
  • Feedback and Participation: Wrenly promotes a more engaged and dynamic workplace by offering features like anonymous feedback and a suggestion box, mirroring the engagement benefits of Kudoboard.

Below is an example of how Wrenly also offers peer recognitions directly in Slack or Microsoft Teams, not just on the web!

Wrenly Points & Rewards: Elevating Employee Recognition

Wrenly's points and rewards system is a unique feature that truly sets it apart, offering a new dimension to employee recognition.

Through AI, Wrenly evaluates employee contributions, rewarding them with points for meaningful incentives. Here's why this feature is a game-changer:

  • Recognition Based on Merit: Contributions are evaluated on criteria such as impact and usefulness, ensuring recognition is fair and based on real merit.
Wrenly points and reward system
Source: Wrenly
  • Motivation Through Incentives: Employees earn points for their engagement, which they can redeem for gift cards or donations, encouraging ongoing participation.
Screenshot of Wrenly recognition board
  • Equality and Inclusivity: The AI-driven evaluation guarantees a bias-free recognition process, valuing all contributions equally.

  • Customizable Rewards: From gift cards to unique experiences, rewards are tailored to individual preferences, making each recognition personal and meaningful.

Furthermore, the integrated rewards engine lets teams design custom perks like gift cards, extra time off, or lunch with executives to resonate with employee motivations.  

Paid versions of Kudoboard start at $5.99 per board. While they enable group messages, embedded media, and templates—you pay every time.  

Wrenly facilitates the same inclusive celebrations without per-board or monthly fees, it really is completely free!

Teams can create public or private digital cards, highlight user-generated content, and customize backgrounds for free.

For team leaders looking to boost recognition without overspending, it's worth checking out Wrenly before reaching for your wallet.

Its seamless Slack and Teams integration makes it a snap to connect colleagues worldwide with praise and rewards, fostering a positive culture.

You'll find that over time, the savings can really add up, offering the kind of team connectedness Kudoboard aims for, but at a fraction of the price. 

With Wrenly's robust features, it makes sense to consider it as your go-to choice, leaving the door open to explore more expensive options only if you find it necessary later on.


Choosing the right tool for employee recognition is crucial, but it doesn't have to strain your budget.

While Kudoboard offers great personalization and user-friendly features, its cost might not align with every organization's budget, especially smaller teams.

That's where Wrenly comes in. It's an excellent, free option that leverages AI to enhance employee engagement and fosters a culture of appreciation, particularly for teams using Slack. 

But before making a decision, consider what features matter most to your team's celebration and recognition practices.

If your goal is to cultivate a positive workplace culture without financial constraints, Wrenly is the choice for you. You can try for free!!

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