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Ali Khan
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December 14, 2023
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Wrenly Pulse Surveys: Engage Employees Better

Has the level of employee engagement decreased in your office or online team? If so, don't be afraid; every organization is prone to changes in the level of team engagement, typically brought on by changes in company culture.

Your whole leadership team must back efforts to boost employee engagement, and a successful strategy calls for careful planning. Don't let that discourage you; a strong organizational culture will increase your company's profitability, productivity, and staff retention. However, you can put several low-lift employee engagement options in place right away to produce visible outcomes. 

In this article, we'll discuss some employee engagement strategies you may use as both short-term fixes and long-term plans, as well as the advantages of using Wrenly for your team.

Improve Communication with Wrenly Pulse Surveys 

When discussing boosting employee engagement, we understand that communication is one of the most crucial elements. It is essential to remember that communication is key to our everyday lives, especially on the job! It affects how well we interact with coworkers.

You might face miscommunication among your staff members; this can occur because of many factors. This is likely a result of staff members' poor interpersonal skills or reliance on outdated, ineffective procedures for information exchange. If one person tells one team about a new thing, then teams inform the other, and you get the idea.  This usually happens when there is a lack of trust and transparency in the workplace. Unfortunately, some companies have outdated ways of managing the place and running everything. 

This is why company culture is essential for employees to start from scratch with a good and positive mindset. Being open to your coworkers about your thoughts around the workplace might put you in an uncomfortable position from time to time. That is why nowadays, big companies are implementing the Anonymous Feedback worldwide, and its benefits are easily recognizable for the better within the work teams. One of the first things to consider should be how to improve employee communication with Wrenly Pulse Surveys.

Below are some ideas to improve Employee Engagement with Wrenly Pulse Surveys

Reward Employees Using Wrenly Incentives 

Recognizing your employees is an excellent way to make them feel valued and increase their productivity. They will feel motivated, and others will be inspired to work for the same recognition, ultimately boosting workplace morale. Rewarding them for their hard work is also a crucial element to keep in mind. Here is where Wrenly Incentives will help you. 

Focus On Employee Engagement And Well-Being Using Anonymous Feedback 

Engagement and employee well-being go hand in hand. When a company tries to enhance its employees' overall well-being, they are more likely to engage with their work.

Do you have any idea as to how you can shift your focus more towards employee wellbeing? 

First, a company-wide wellness initiative is a great way to improve employee engagement. The more employees feel valued and cared for by their employer, the more likely they will return the favor. Managers or leaders suggest Wrenly for slack to add to their workspace. Employees are more satisfied with their regular anonymous feedback without worrying about hurting someone else's feelings.

At Wrenly, we focus on employee engagement and well-being by confidently sharing our thoughts without fear of conflict or retaliation from colleagues or leaders. 

Offer An Easier Onboarding Process Using Anonymous Feedback 

Onboarding new employees sometimes can not be as easy as it sounds. People are different; therefore, the scope of their abilities are not similar. Because they are the newbies in the office, they might fear openly sharing their thoughts and difficulties. That is why anonymous feedback would work amazingly to get the new employees' feedback and their thoughts on the company environment, workflow and everything else. Sometimes an outsider can sense what is “wrong” with the workplace easier than someone who has been there for years.  

Access to everything employees need in one place is essential for the future of work. A digital workplace solution and great apps like Wrenly is the most effective way to accomplish this. 

Now that you know what employee engagement is, why it's essential, and how to increase it, it's time to start!

If you want to find out how Wrenly could boost employee engagement using anonymous feedback for your business, feel free to get in touch. Or, why not check out our blog on different interesting professional life-related topics. We have a very insightful Ebook on the always debated question, “Is anonymous feedback harmful”. Get your copy right now! 

Feel free to sign up and learn more. 

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Ali is a co-founder of Wrenly known for his innovative thinking and exceptional drive to create value for every Wrenly customer. His dedication, mentorship, and leadership skills have not only shaped various careers but have also made him an invaluable asset to the Wrenly team.

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