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Wrenly helps you collect valuable feedback from your team then uses AI to build easy to digest insights.

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Lean on Wrenly to share helpful action items and kickstart internal discussions.

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Wrenly makes everyone feel valued with peer recognitions, celebrations, and rewards!

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Real quotes from real customer conversations

We had assumptions but didn’t have the actual hard data for it... We saw the effects of it within the first week and said if we got one thing approved - THIS IS IT

Stuart Lodge

Lana Clark

Coro - Vice President of Talent


This is so.. this is so good. So so good. This makes my life so much easier! This is exactly what I’m doing right now manually

Stuart Lodge

Denise Cutajar

Roobet - Head of Human Resources


It’s those small appreciation moments that people remember. They help people when making a decision to stay with an organization or look at another opportunity

Stuart Lodge

Shavanti Houchens

ShootProof - Director of People Ops


We got an 85% response rate on our first NPS pulse survey. Reaching our team in Slack has been very efficient!

Stuart Lodge

Adam Bares

Data Clymer - Director of Employee Exp.


What started as anonymous feedback became an open discussion that led to a significant change for our business.

Stuart Lodge

Stuart Lodge

Printavo - Chief Financial Officer

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Employee engagement software built for the future of work. Try it today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the messages really anonymous?

Your messages are completely anonymous.

The only information we share with your leadership team is the text you submitted, the date/time you submitted it, and your anonymous animal alias.

How does the free trial work?

It's simple! Add Wrenly to your workspace and try out the premium plan for 2 weeks, no credit card required!

If you like it, you can subscribe to the premium plan or automatically transition to the limited free plan.

What does Wrenly AI do & how does it work?

Wrenly is built with state-of-the-art large language models. This allows Wrenly to rank, categorize, summarize, and group content automatically to give you more insights!

Wrenly AI utilizes GPT-4 for summarization and content suggestions. Inaccurate content may be generated by GPT-4.

How can I get anonymous feedback in Slack or MS Teams?

You can create an anonymous suggestion box or survey in Slack or MS Teams using Wrenly.

Suggestion boxes are for your team to share feedback at any time on any topic while surveys are for leadership to gather specific data on a set schedule.

Is my data secure?

Your data is very secure. It is encrypted in transit and at rest with AES-256, block-level storage encryption, and cloud-hosted by Heroku. You can read their security policy here.

You can read our Security Details, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service